Jun 14, 2011

The Bachelorette = Mancandy central

I've never been that into The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. That's all changed.

A sweet friends, who's welcomed me to her couch the last few Mondays, has convinced me of its merits awesomeness. (I'm not really all that proud of my love of trashy television in general, but if I can't be myself here, where can I?  I did just tell all of you I want an e-reader, that's smart, right?) Her and I thoroughly enjoy sitting on the couch, guzzling Malbec, and picking apart everyone's every word. Normal stuff.

I don't have a ton of experience with the contestants on this show, but like every single one of the guys left is hot. (Isn't this supposed to be about "regular people"?) It's tough, but I''ll try to focus on my favorites, which seem to be Ashley's frontrunners too....

Hi, this may be my dream man. He's cute, sweet and a professional WINEMAKER from Sonoma, CA. In all seriousness, he does seem like a good guy. I wish I could have a turn having him compete for my love...

For a reality television contestant, he seems genuine. I also love that short hair. He's a Construction Manager, which just seems so manly to me. My preference for him is mostly physical - just sayin'.

He's a "portfolio manager" in NYC who's been to 70 countries -- I think he's loaded. That aside, I originally thought he looked kind of cave man-ish, but I've warmed up to him. If we're not thinking too much into this, he seems perfect, but there's gotta be a catch. Why can't he find a girl not on T.V.?

The only guy on the show I really don't like is Ryan. He's so smiley, it's creepy. I'm all for happy people, but he has like a clown smile on all the time. Partly fun, mostly scary.  Also, I'm real sick of all the Bentley talk. He was cute, but a huge jerk and expressed himself like an angsty teenager. Over him. He'll of course be back...thanks ABC.

I'm hooked. Are you watching this season? Any favorites? Any of the guys you can't stand?


  1. I haven't watched the Bachelorette--- ever. Maybe I should for the man candy.

  2. I really hope Bentley is there to clear the air so that Ashley can see him for what he truly is and move on already!!

  3. Describing Ryan as "smiley" is perfect, he is indeed annoying. I think William is a cutie, but I haven't seen this last week's episode, so I don't know if he dug himself out of the gaping hole he created the previous week. I think JP is a total babe too. But bottom line, Ashley really bothers me. Just sayin :-)


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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