May 18, 2011

Unexpected Inspiration - Milton Berle

Today I was munching on my favorite afternoon choco-beast tamer:

These little awesomes are 1-2 calories each and give me just the right choco fix when I need it. They're dark, chocolatey and espresso-y. YUM.

Anyway, I reached down in the box and found a random fortune! I wasn't even expecting it!

This quote was completely random and totally inspired me. There's something about this particular moment and this particular quote that has me feeling really ready to go kick some butt in the world. But at what? Not totally sure yet.

I've learned that Milton Berle is an old T..V. personality who has lots of good quotes. Other favorites:
"I'd rather be a 'could-be', if I cannot be an 'are'; because a 'could-be' is a 'maybe' who is reaching for a star. I'd rather be a 'has-been' than a 'might-have-been', by far; for a 'might-have-been' has never 'been', but a 'has' was once an 'are'." 
"Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes!"
"Laughter is an instant vacation"
He was apparently pretty famous. He's going in my pocket as a favorite random thing of decades past. I like when I find new ones. Come on, look at that sassy face:

Anyway, just wanted to share that miscellaneous nugget of inspiration...

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