May 17, 2011

Target Tuesday: Kitchen Stuff

Lately I've really been reaching for the stars in the kitchen. I'm trying new things, experimenting, failing sometimes...and LOVING it.

Lately, it's come to my attention that I'm going to need some better stuff to work with. My current kitchen is a random assortment of apartments/roommates/kitchens past and I think I need some big girl things.

So, today, for Tara's Target's all about...

Kitchen Appliances

Here's all the stuff I want:

 KitchenAid Stand Mixer
I've been dying for one of these lately. In the past, I've had a mental block about buying one of these big things. I had mentally reserved them for blissful brides only. A power mixer seems like the ultimate wedding registry item. But, I'm opening my mind to all kinds of things and have decided I need one...bad. I have no idea how I'd ever choose a color, but this Cobalt blue is a hot contender.

Food Processor

A need for food processing keeps arising. I want. I don't know why, but I keep finding things that need to be chopped/diced/sliced into tiny little pieces....and I'm sick of chopping all damn day.


I want a wok. I want to be good at stir fry. I've been trying to find new South-Beachy ways to prepare my favorite vegges. Currently, I'm bad stir fry. I think it's because I lack the proper tools.

New pots and pans
These Calphalon ones look good. Mine aren't very non-stick anymore. They're old and have lived through too many moves. Want new just because I'm bratty....

Now that I've plowed through this post, thoroughly exposing my kitchen nerdery to the world, I'm wondering...when did I become old? I'm trying to really focus this recent interest in cooking/baking as a newfound hobby, rather than evidence of my nonyouth. Thoughts? Recommendations?

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  1. I got the Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas and I love it. I use it every time I bake!

  2. Kitchenaid is a girl's best friend. Seriously, I talk all lovey-dovey to mine!!! Swwooooon

  3. I need the Kitchen Aid mixer in pink! It's on my bday list!

  4. I have those calphalon pots and pans!! Love 'em!

  5. I love the Kitchen Aid mixer!! I want one soo bad!

  6. I registered for the stand mixer when I got married and never got it. Poo.


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