May 18, 2011

South Beach Diet Update! (and WILW)

I've had a few people comment with questions about how my South Beach diet endeavor is going, so here's the skinny...

It's been exactly 2 weeks and I've lost just under 3 lbs. This NOT the result I'd been hoping for, but I've kind of had some weak moments.

I'm in the rigorous Phase1. This calls for absolutely no sugar or carbs. I've been doing somewhat ok with that. There are plenty of sugar substitutes and the carbs haven't been nearly as hard to avoid as I expected. I do get visits from the choco craving beast. If you haven't heard about him, he's a ravenous, terrible, vengeful creature that wanders into my mind around 3:30 pm everyday demanding chocolate. He can be a real a-hole, but I beat him with sugar-free pudding cups.

Also during the weekend, it's hard to stick to the plan. These last two weekends I've had events: Mother's Day and a Wedding. I think I made good choices, but I was definitely off the wagon. And, let's just say it, I haven't been able to avoid the booze. I've significantly cut back, but by no means have given it up. There are too many other things going on in my world right now to deprive myself of wine.

All that being said, I'm generally pretty proud of myself on the food intake. These recipes have gotten me through the last couple of weeks:

Grilled Dilled Salmon
Dill is like my new hot thing. Love it, can't get enough. This recipe is easy, healthy and oh-so tasty.

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps (dinner)
Mexican craving? Yes, I don't mind if I do! Delicious.

Veggie Quiche To-Go Cups
This has been a go-to. I've added more ingredients, including turkey bacon nuggets, and it's much more satisfying!

Turkey Lettuce Wraps (Lunch)
 I make these with balsamic vinaigrette instead of mayo. Tasty.

Faux Ice Cream
MUST. TRY. THIS. Honestly, one of the weirdest, but most genius, things I've ever done on the kitchen...and that's sort of a statement.

Also, I've found new healthy treats I'm LOVING. So, I' want to discuss them for Jamie's What I'm Loving Wednesday:

All those goodies have been great additions to my routine.

Anyway, I has hoping for much more dramatic results at the end of the first 2 weeks. I understand this won't be quick, but I'm frustrated. I'm still battling an ankle injury and have only this week been cleared for "light exercise." AAAARRGGH. But, I think I'm going to kick things into high gear and do this plan for another 2 weeks...with perhaps even more discipline.

Got any tips or tricks to share? I'd love some great ideas!

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  1. I am not usually one for dieting. However, I love to eat healthy and eat things high in protein to curve my appetite and cravings. My new found obsession is greek yogurt!! It is delish and some brands are loaded with the big P (protein). If I eat greek yogurt and drink oodles of water I can be set to power on for hours!! I also love string cheese (great choice!). I will have to try a few of your recipes!

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