May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today I'm lucky enough to have my mother in Dallas, so we get to share some Mother's Day goodness. She's in town moving the little nugget out of her apartment and was sweet enough to squeeze in brunch. We're headed to one of my favorite Dallas spots, Kathleen's Sky Diner. Today I'm loving her, and my two sweet grandmothers. Here's a little something about all three... My mom, the little nugget and me:
I've written about this before here and here, but she's taught me so many important things in life. Also, she listens and takes care of me when my ankle is broken, my life is falling apart and I don't know what to do. This is my dad's mom, or Ma-Maw, as we prefer to call her:
Sweet as pie. And really good at making pies - I'm desperately trying to learn her baking tricks, but she's the master and that just can't be taught. She's about as sweet as they come, but will tell it like it is. This is my mom's mom, or Granny Georgia, as we know her:
She isn't with us anymore, but taught me immeasureable pearls of wisdom about being a woman in the big bad world. She had a real office job back in the day when women had real kitchen jobs. She went to college and was sharp as a tack. I didn't get her business knack, but I did get her independence (I think.) Total inspiration. Miss her. As I'm thinking about all three, I'm so thankful to hopefully have not fallen too far off the tree. They're all three so amazeballs. The mommy shoes are some pretty big ones to fill around here. I'm probably going to drop my babies on their heads and accidentally say bad words around them...nervous in advance.


  1. Happy mother's day! What adorable pictures of you and your female family members!

  2. Hooray for Jules! I love Ma-Maw's smile- looks a little familiar.


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