May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Hola! Hoy es el Cinco de Mayo! No podría estar más emocionado de estar de regreso a casa para una deliciosa margarita esta noche.

Translation: Hello! Today is Cinco de Mayo! I couldn't be more excited to be headed home for a delicious margarita this evening.   

Why, you ask? No, not just because they're delicious. This year I'm spending Cinco de Mayo being an idiot. This has happened in the past, but not the same sort of way. For some reason, this entire day, I've just been a little off my game...

First, I overslept 20 minutes. When you only give yourself an hour to get ready for the day, which is probably my first mistake, 20 minutes is a big loss. In my haste, I remembered my festive outfit, duh. The tardiness of course affected my carpool buddy, which makes me feel guilty. We were late. My bad. I didn't recover until around lunchtime.

Then,  Today we were supposed to dress businessy at work. My office is super, super casual, except for the rare occasions when clients come into the office. We're supposed to dress like adults on those days. Today was one of them. Clearly I completely forgot and wore this to work:
Festive? Yes. Businessy? No. Shit. I was so embarrassed when I got here. Not only is it way too casual for serious client day, but it's a theme-party outfit. I decided to wear my favorite Mexican-inspired boozing dress to work. What an idiot. I hid from the clients.

Then, wardrobe malfunction. I had to go to physical therapy for my ankle today, and that already makes me feel stupid enough that I have chaos from just doing normal person things. As I'm sitting there doing my  exercises, chatting up my technician helper, the strap on my dress gave up. It just decided it was over the whole day. I guess I can identify. I bent over to reach something, the strap broke, and my BOOB fell out. I have a t-shirt under this dress (and a bra), but I guess the boob wasn't ready to be released and just kind of fell out. The technician didn't get a full on nipple slip, but there was definitely a show. His remark was..."Wow, I don't know what happened, but things fell apart so fast." How astute of him. So, keeping my clothes on with a safety pin:

Without the support of his neighbor, the non-broken strap wasn't unable to do the job alone and the adjustable part kept slipping all the way to it's loosest point, creating something of a fiesta overalls-type look. Not cute. I was lucky enough to find a black pin, which just might be a permanent solution.

I guess I've had wost days, but I haven't really been able to get in my groove today. I never could get the hang of Thursdays. So, I'm shunning the South Beach tonight (which I actually have been ROCKING at) and headed out for limey, tequila-y goodness:
I can't wait for the girltalk and debauchery. We're headed to one of my all-time favorite spots, Matt's Rancho Martinez. How are you celebrating?!


  1. You so deserve a Cinco De Mayo drink or three! I'm def celebrating with an Italian food festivel (why the hell not?) and then $1 shots and drinks at a Pub Crawl. It's going to be epic.

  2. awwww im sorry the dress didnt work out! its really cute tho..and YES you deserve a few drinks! thanks for linking up! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Oh my actually sounds like your day should have happened AFTER a night of boozing, not before. I, too, think you deserve a drink (or two, or ten)...we've all been there! Have you tried Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl margaritas? OMG, they are not only like almost no calories but those puppies are strong! (I made my boyfriend and his guy's guy friend try them...which in and of itself made me laugh watching them pour from a Skinny Girl bottle), and they both agreed that it packed a punch! Just in case you wanted to try! :)
    Hope you have a better night than the day you've had!

  4. I think you deserve as many margaritas as you want!! Cheers to Cinco de Mayo!


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