May 17, 2011

Gossip Girl Finale: I'm in a glass case of emotion!!!

Did anyone watch last night's Gossip Girl finale?!? I sure did. It kind of melted my face off at times. ALOT was going on.

I'm sort of in chaos about's my thoughts on all the plotlines that were going on:
  • Blair "The Princess of Monaco" Waldorf: What. the. hell. How could she not choose Chuck?!! I was almost certain she'd pick him over that lisp-ridden European. Obviously we haven't seen the last of Blair and Chuck....hi, there was a prego stick. YES. I'm having daydreams about her being 9-months prego lounging on the back of a yacht somewhere. What an image. I guess I'm happy the Blair/Chuck saga will be drawn out a little, but I've never bought the romance with the Prince. It's just so ridiculous.
  • Russel and Raina Thorpe: I'm honestly a little glad their stories wrapped and they're going away. She's whiney and he's just plain cra-cra.
  • Vanessa: Devious little gnat. I'm done with her. I am glad Dan finally sassed her. Supposedly she won't be back next season.
  • Serena: First of all, I'm refreshed that she for once wasn't the star of the show. But of course, while perusing the boardwalk in Montecito, she stumbled across a totally amazing summer job. She would. Why can't I be her? But let's face it, we all know she doesn't do actual work. She'll probably just wind up mugging down with that cute boy and getting into some sort of corporate scandal....that's really what she does best.
  • Nate: Poor, sweet gayface. His precious Raina left him in the dust and he's reduced to his old, wild-partying, globe-trotting bachelordom with Chuck. Maybe they'll fall in love. Stranger things have happened on this show.
  • Georgina and Charlie: wacktastical, what I love about this show, welcome additions. YES.
  • Dan/Rufus/Lily/Eric: SNOOZE. With the Prince, the prego stick, the arson, the crazy cousin....someone had to take a backseat.
Go here for my favorite, HILAROUS, recap of the episode.

Also, I'm addicted to NY Magazine's Obsessive Guide to Gossip Girl. Check it out.

What were your thoughts on last night's finale? What will be happening in the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite be up to all summer?

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  1. Omg. I was just dying during the finale! I think I actually cried when chuck told blair to go be with the prince! Aaahhh. I need chuck and blair to be together!

  2. Um, I'm in love with your recap!!

  3. I haven't seen it yet but I need to pronto!


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