May 6, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Friday! I'm thrilled for this weekend! I've got some things on my to-do list that I should be productive and accomplish, but that may not happen. I'm hoping to have a relaxing Friday night, spend some time at the pool tomorrow (this little mama needs some color like WHOA) and do Mother's day things Sunday. It should be great!  What's even greater, the newsflash is back! I haven't done it in nearly a month and was starting to have withdrawals. Enjoy!

1. Mariah Carey picked weird ass baby names. I guess this isn't too much of a shocker, but Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon named their twins: Monroe (girl) and Moroccan (boy). Hi, these might take the cake. The girl is named after Marilyn Monroe and has no middle name. The boy is not named after the nation of Morocco, but the room in Carey's house that is Moroccan themed. His middle name is Scott. Just plain old Scott. What?!?! Honestly, Monroe doesn't bother me much, I actually think it's kind of cute,  but this Moroccan business is just strange. What will his nickname even be? I can't fathom a way to shorten that. I love the old Mariah Carey - pre Glitter, pre jailbait marriage, pre pregnancy publicity circus. I think it may need to be time to just accept that those days are behind us. In the meantime, I hope they're teaching little Moroccan how to box. That kid is getting beat up on the playground in t-minus 6-ish years.

2. Lefties are wimpier. Great. (I'm left handed.) New studies show that left-handed people process fear differently than their right-handed neighbors, meaning they're more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and generally be more fearful. They determined this by showing the scariest scenes from scary movies and comparing how the lefties and the righties recalled the scenes. The lefties' recollection was more fragmented and repetitive, indicating that they were more affected by the scariness. This doesn't surprise me in the least. I'm a scardy cat all the way....

I get tense if I hear weird sounds in the hallway of my apartment. I'm terrified of the dark. A parking garage at night is a veritable haunted house in my world. And, don't even get me started on snakes. These things aren't that weird I guess, but I do feel like I'm wussier than most people - now it's legit! There are LOTS of famous left-handed people who are awesome, so I guess if wimpiness is our cross to bear, I'll take it.

3. New Breaking Dawn photos released!! Yes! I haven't had Twilight thoughts in a while (a month or two - a LONG time for me) and I finally got a fix! See the seksiness in these new honeymoon pictures:

 I SO cannot wait for Breaking Dawn to come out in November! I'm considering re-reading the book. Pathetic?

4. The Home Alone house is for sale! The Winnetka, Illinois home is on sale for $2.4 million! You now can own the 14-room home!

I wish the thing came with all Kevin's booby traps intact. The hot doorknob, the swinging paint cans, the tarantula...everything. At the very least some aftershave...

"Look what you did, you little JERK." - favorite line

5. WillKat is coming to America! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have just announced they'll be adding a trip to America on to their North America trip later this summer! Yay! They're going to be visiting California from July 8-10. What's most interesting to me about this is that Kate has NEVER been to the U.S. and William hasn't been since he was like 11. What?!?! I guess it's super American of me to think this way, but I find that kind of shocking. Aren't we the center of the world? Why don't they get over here more often...or ever? But really though, I love this European royalty elitism. They're so badass they can't even bother to jump over to our measly little rogue nation. They know we hated the queen back in the they couldn't care less about our overweight, classless ways. I want to be a princess so bad, just so I can snub whole countries if I want. Anyway, their itinerary hasn't been announced, but I'm sure there will be a mob scene. When I think about their visit, I have Neil Diamond's America rattling between my ears.

In other Royal news, Kate was spotted grocery shopping, pushing HER OWN CART this week. Princesses! They're just like us!

What I really want to know is what she bought. I hope she bought fatty, trashy, processed foods. She's gotta have a flaw...

6. Today is George Clooney's 50th birthday.

He's a hot birthday boy. That's the whole story. 

Well, that's it for today. I'm watching the clock more than normal this afternoon. What is it about Friday afternoons that is so excruciating? It seems like I should be happy and excited to be getting out of here, but I typically just feel more beat down than ever. Have a superfun weekend!


  1. hahaha this post was all kinds of awesome!

  2. I can't believe Kate was pushing her own cart - LOVE her more every day!!

    PS I'm a fellow Casey and your newest follower :)


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