May 3, 2011

Beyonce - maybe not running the world

Now that the Royal wedding is behind us (but lets just face it, now that I have the taste for princess talk, there may not be any resisting it when I read about the Duchess Catherine), let's get back to our regularly-scheduled, American pop craziness. One certain friend of mine has been calling...nay, begging...for me to discuss this since it came out last week.

Beyonce, my all-time favorite diva (big statement for me), has returned, with a new anthem, "Run the World (Girls)"'s a listen:

I feel guilty enough that it took me over a week to listen and digest this, but I feel even guiltier saying, I don't think I like it. Unfortunately, I'm not the only one, the iTunes sales have been dismal. I do like the girl power message and it's definitely upbeat, but a melody doesn't ever seem to appear....(Melody is a pre-requisite for me these days. Am I getting old?)

In fact, here's a detailed and entertaining recap of the thing. These guys are crappy-quality, wannabe YouTube stars, but I really do agree with their every remark. They're mad and disappointed enough to make a video. 

Take-home message is around the 4:58 mark....
"Beyonce, sweetheart, if I could sit you in a locked room, just you and I, face to face, just having a conversation, I would just sit and say: 'Baby girl, I LOVE YOU TO DEATH. I will get into an argument over you.... You are better than this."
I guess I can't throw stones at these guys, I'm probably on their tier of the blog world. I'm mad and disappointed enough to write this post.

I'm sad about this. She's my favorite.  Hopefully the forthcoming album will be good, I bet it will be she's the best. In the meantime, I'm trying to find other American pop culture nuggets to remind me why this country is great. I need to be reminded why we don't need princesses to be fabulous.....


  1. Yeah, I can't say that I like that song. At all.

    But what do I know?! Bootylicious is still my favorite. Please don't tell anyone!

  2. Too many freaking NOISES and distractions. I see where they're going. Trying to distract us from the craptastic song that it is. Just think - "Put a Ring On It" was so simple because Beyonce sang the hell out of it and it didn't have a ridiculously overworked instrumentation. Just a simple beat and an incredibly memorable melody. This just sounds like freaking NOISE to me. I cringe at some of the music nowadays. And it's not because I had a music major in college - in fact, I embrace all music. FACT IS: just because we have the technology to make cool noises like this doesn't mean we have to use it and throw in the kitchen sink! Okay. Rant over.

  3. Okay, rant not over. And! SAMPLING other songs may not make your song better! Okay, done.


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