May 3, 2011

And So Begins the South Beach Diet

Happy Tuesday to ya!

Today I'm beginning the South Beach diet. I've done this before (but not without help from my mom to prepare all the food) and it's worked pretty well. I even weighed in this morning to really kick things off right. I've decided it's time to do this for a multitude of reasons...
  • I still have foot/ankle chaos. I've been going to physical therapy for this ankle injury I've been battling for 3 weeks. Yesterday I got the word that my "progress isn't moving as quickly as it probably should be" (thanks, therapist.) and I'd likely need a couple more weeks of it. UGH. The worst of it is that I can't workout - like at all. I'm stuck riding the stationary bike, moderate elliptical use and long walks. While I'm enjoying the walks (and so is the Prince), I'm feeling like a major sedentary lard ass.
  • Sometime I'll have to get into a bathing suit. There is a dark cloud sitting over my world...and that is summery swimsuit occasions. Typically I can't wait for the warm, water-sports season. This time I feel nothing but PURE DREAD.
  • Bridesmaid dress. In July one of my best buddies is walking down the aisle and she's been sweet enough to invite me to be a bridesmaid! I can't wait for the event, but I'm really worried about getting into my dress - which I was measured for in OCTOBER, pre-foot chos, skinninest I've been in like two years. If that thing doesn't fit I'm in big trouble. Shit.
  •  I don't feel pretty. That might be the worst of it. I don't like the feeling that none of my clothes look right. I'm really trying to enter a new chapter in my life where I'm confident, powerful, a go-getter. I'm having a hard time getting that whole thing off the ground as long as I feel like I look like the Michelin man. 

The point is, I'm feeling mega insecure and need to do something about it.

The first two weeks  of this plan, or "Phase 1",  are pretty hardcore...No sugar (not even fruit). No carbs. No booze...eeek! Fruit is going to be overwhelmingly the hardest part for me. Fruit makes up a big part of my daily intake. Oh and breakfast, all my favorite breakfast treats are out the window. So, this morning I arose bright and early to prepare my first South Beach recipe:

South Beach Vegetable Quiche Cups

For full recipe, go here.

1.  Gather Ingredients.

 Pretty simple. And thank god for cheese. You can put whatever other veggie goodies you like inside. I'm considering sun-dried tomatoes and/or turkey bacon nuggets for next time.

2. Mix it all up. 

 Need big bowl.

3. Separate into baking cups.

Messy and awkward. The recipe calls for foil cups, but I used paper because it's all I had. Definitely use the foil, the paper ripped and I may or may not have eaten some. Does paper count as carbs?

4. Bake!

It only takes 20 minutes in the over for these little babies to emerge. They came out pretty well!

The quiche cups were really easy and tasty, but the diet only allows me to enjoy two of them for breakfast. This left me nowhere near satisified. I ate three. Oops. Next time I'll make them a little meatier with more substance, I think.

Well, sorry for two recipe-related posts in a row. My physical transformation is top of mind.

Have any of you sweet blog friends done this diet? Or, do you have any no carbs, no sugar tricks/treats/recipes to share with me? Help a sister out. She's hungry.


  1. Hi Casey!

    I just love your blog. Those quiche cups look delish. I have to say that I did get kind of a chuckle when I noticed that this was the next post after your Chocolate Chewy Cookie post.

  2. Ooh I have to try those! I can't wait to hear how the South beach Diet goes for you.

  3. My mom did this diet a few years ago and living at home I went on it as well (why would I want to make my own food at the ripe old age of 15?!) I remember how GREAT the food turned out...there was a salmon recipe in that book that was to.die.for! I have been considering going on it for myself recently so I'm curious to see how it works for you! Keep us updated!

  4. Can't wait to try them! Loving the blog lately!

  5. Go Casey Go, you will be great! I did laugh about the paper cups and you possibly nibbling on excess paper :-) The quiches look tasty - I for sure would have had all 12. Not just 3.


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