May 27, 2011

Friday, May 27 2011

Happy Friday all! I'm happy to be back in the newsflash game this week, I've missed it lately. I need to be better, and I will. Anyway, this holiday weekend I'm going to be doing all kinds of packing/moving/apartment cleaning related things, and hoping I can find a moment to squeeze in some debauchery and/or relaxation. I'm having dreams of poolside sangria and acquiring my first tan of the season...we'll see about that. Without further adieu, here are my favorite stories...

1. Kim Kardashian is engaged! The queen K herself has recently gotten engaged to New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries. I'm happy for her. While, I find it absolutely ABSURD that she is marrying someone with another g-d "K" name, it's her turn. He's super sexy and sweet and all, but let's  just focus on the ring for a sec. He chose a $2 million, 20.5 carat monster beast:

I didn't even know that could exist! It seriously looks like a game piece from Pretty Pretty Princess. I feel like it's just so over the top. (Who am I kidding?  I'm JEALOUS.) Anyway, the happy couple will likely have their own show, fragrance, line of negative calorie coctails, t-shirts and intimate we'll get to know plenty about their romance. Apparently the other Kardashian sisters are "shocked." You know Mason Disick spent a night or two on the couch for letting Kim beat Kourtney to the altar. Bahahaha. I feel like they're my real family sometimes, weird?

2. Ladies, this is a zit ring. Gross.

I don't have any freaking clue what could be in the designer's mind, but you can buy one of your very own from her Etsy shop for $163. That price might be even grosser than the actual thing. Why is it so expensive? That whitehead is a real pearl. (Special inside joke shout out: ..."Don't sew up my peeeeaaaaarrrl") The even better news? This is going to be the first piece in a whole series of skin related jewelry from this designer. Thank the sweet heavens for that. Sick.

3. Gossip is healthy! A new study shows that gossip "may serve a protective purpose, forcing the brain to focus on people who might be threatening."

In this study they showed the participants images of people's faces, and a statement about their social reputation. When the faces were flashed in front of them quickly the participants spent more time looking at the faces of the bad reputation people, hinting that they had a better recollection of them. This led researchers to conclude that rumors/gossip about bad people may help the nice people stay away from them. Now, I feel like this whole thing is a stretch. But, I feel I must share because it kind of validates the existence of this humble blog, and also...ME. If gossip is healthy, then bring on the PerezHilton, the Star Magazine, the E! News. Lately I've made an effort to avoid these things because I fear it's rotting my brain, but now, I have to do it in the interest of my own health and safety. I have to.

4. There is now pejazzling. I couldn't find a good picture of it, and maybe that's a good thing, but here are two of the designs:

What is pejazzling, you ask? It's the male extension of vajazzling, or gluing sparkles to your junk. I'm normally way on board for gluing glitter to stuff, but that doesn't interest me when it comes to manly parts. Maybe I'm crazy but there's something not right about a sparkly man-unit, right? I'm grossed out by this. I don't know what I'd do if I ever encountered this. Probably panic. Let's hope I never find out.

5. Quote of the Week:

"You couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to take marijuana. I don’t really like coke anymore. I’m scared of ecstasy. The one drug I'd like to try one day is Ayahuasca, which should be mandatory for everybody. It’s apparently this crazy tea that gives you these intense hallucinations. Everyone who takes it sees a wise old black man who takes you on a wild journey. I’m not going to name names, but everyone who takes it sees the same black guy. I'm not kidding you. Everyone!" 

 -- Courtney Love to The Fix re: her addictions

Courtney Love is crazy, big shocker there. But what really entertains me about this is that she hasn't tried this magical tea yet. It's like she takes her journey through the various drugs seriously and is making her way to it eventually. You've gotta appreciate that she's methodical in her addiction acquirement and really feels that everyone else should be too. Also, this "black man" that everyone sees. What the hell? I'm super curious. She is blog/television/gossip/rumor gold. Courtney, don't ever change.

6. New science says there is as much water on the moon as on earth! This is a big deal...why? It means we can likely live there some day. Scientists figured this out by analyzing volcanic glass gathered on the moon's surface during the Apollo 17 mission. They were able to figure out (how, I have no idea) that there is proof that 100 times more water exists in the moon's mantle than previously thought. WHOA. This changes everything scientists thought they knew about how the moon was formed, it may have been once inside Earth's atmosphere. What does that mean? Plans to live on our moon one day just got a lot more real. It's now alot more likely that we can set up shop there once we burn this planet all up with our Hummers. I'm excited by this. My first thought of life on the moon is that me and the prince would have to get a much longer leash if we're going to be bouncing all over the place without gravity....

(For those of you that are new to Poodleism, I'm a HUGE nerd for space. You just have to bear with me once in a while.)

Have a great weekend lovelies, I'm going to be one busy little bumblebee, so have an extra drink and soak up a little extra sun for me. I'll be thinking about all of you vacationing!

Also here's a new thing I'm doing:
 Smart and Trendy Moms
If you're here via the social parade, WELCOME! Stay awhile!
May 26, 2011


Who has seen this genius-ness? It was about the funniest thing I've ever seen -- or at least in a long time. I thought Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy were epic...

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about the combination of these items that I find completely hilarious: newsboy cap, Cuban man's shirt, neck pillow and PEARLS. Baaahahaha.

In all seriousness though, I loved how they finally made a smart, funny and satirical comedy like this that's all about women. The girl world is funny and I think this captured it to a tee.

Also, let's just come right out and say it...a tale with a baked good-loving, frequently "overserved", crappy but well-meaning bridesmaid as the heroine, is a story I can really get behind. Honestly, it may have hit a little too close to home.

Nonetheless, I give it my overwhelming recommendation. If you have seen it, soak in these deleted scenes, which are definitely R-rated and not safe for work:

Though's anyone? Did you like it as much as I did?
May 24, 2011

Twin Peaks - anyone? anyone?

During lunch, my work buddies and I love to watch old television shows. We've powered through lots of seasons, including Firefly, Arrested Development (my personal fave), Battlestar Galactica , the first two seasons of The West Wing. I've loved them all. Now, however, we're watching Twin Peaks:

Has anyone seen it? It's super weird, but really quirkily hilarious. I can't really explain, but it has strange nuanced humor that I love, but wonder if I'm even getting. Kind of like the first time you watch Napolean Dynamite. You know something funny is happening, but aren't quite sure what.  Also, the theme song is infectious, which is why this post is coming to you know, I can't think about anything else.

The show is centered around solving a murder in the Pacific northwest town of Twin Peaks. The whole town is involved. There are lots of weird things going on: eye patches, dancing little people, casinos, twisted love affairs, secrets, tape recorders....lots of things. Across the board, it's just a total quirk fest. One of the best things is that one of the stars is agent Dale Cooper, played by one Kyle MacLachlan. Recognize?


So, have any of you seen it? Anyone have thoughts? It's kind of a weird one, and quite old, but I'd love to hear anyone's feedback. I'm all kinds of mixed up about what's going on.

But, please don't spoil the ending, I have 3 more episodes to watch in the first season.

It's a great day for a cuteness fix

I have serious brain soup today. If you're not familiar, it's the sensation where thoughts are floating around within my skull all chaotic - like letters in alphabet soup. Why, you ask? So many things. I'm hoping to have lots of news to share soon, but this morning, there's one thing I think I need.........


This kind of reminds me of the Prince. He's been a little devil lately,  but has his cuddly moments, too.

 I've decided that I don't care for cats but want to maul kittens with love. It's a shame they grow up.

Tell me if this is insane: I want to rub a piglet all over my face because he looks so soft? Crazy? Gross? I don't think I care.

 Not the cuddliest thing ever, but that knobby-kneed little precious just seems ready to give out some free hugs.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I am feeling calmer, but still have tons going on in my world. Big things, but nothing a cuddly baby mammal can't fix.  I found this today, and I think it's my new mantra:

If you need me, I'll be figuring out these dance moves. As I always say..."when in doubt, do the robot."
May 20, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

After amazing participation from all you little sweet cheeks, the winner of the pretty Merah earrings is...


I hope you don't mind, I stole this photo from your blog :). Go check out her blog, she's a puppy lover, so it must be amazing. Ashlee, email me right away to claim your prize! (casey {at} poodleism {dot} com) I need to know which design you choose. As for the rest of you, go shop Merah's great designs!

Thanks for playing everyone! I loved this and want to do another soon! And thanks to Meredith for designing the goodies! Have a happy weekend!

Golf tournament = Mancandy goldmine

Hello all! I'm out of pocket today because I'm enjoying the thrill and sights at a local golf tournament - the Colonial in Fort Worth.

If we are being totally honest, the sights are what's getting me through this day. I have just beheld the most babe-alicious sight of recent memory: ADAM SCOTT...

He is an Aussie and apparently very good at golf. He is officially in fantasy boyfriends club.

The real point of this post? I think I need to become a golf groupie. Like now. I'll keep you posted on this endeavor...

On another note: expect giveaway results later today. Thanks for all the super participation. Happy Friday!
May 19, 2011

Merah Giveaway - it's crunch time!

First of all, I'm struggling today. Really, really struggling.

Exciting things have been happening to me lately, but sometimes you just wake up and are just slightly off your game. For no reason. Know that feeling?

Anyway, on to the purpose of today....

Don't forget to go enter my giveaway! There haven't been a landslide of entrants, so your chances are pretty good! If you haven't already, go do it! You can enter up to four times! The winner will be announced tomorrow!
May 18, 2011

Unexpected Inspiration - Milton Berle

Today I was munching on my favorite afternoon choco-beast tamer:

These little awesomes are 1-2 calories each and give me just the right choco fix when I need it. They're dark, chocolatey and espresso-y. YUM.

Anyway, I reached down in the box and found a random fortune! I wasn't even expecting it!

This quote was completely random and totally inspired me. There's something about this particular moment and this particular quote that has me feeling really ready to go kick some butt in the world. But at what? Not totally sure yet.

I've learned that Milton Berle is an old T..V. personality who has lots of good quotes. Other favorites:
"I'd rather be a 'could-be', if I cannot be an 'are'; because a 'could-be' is a 'maybe' who is reaching for a star. I'd rather be a 'has-been' than a 'might-have-been', by far; for a 'might-have-been' has never 'been', but a 'has' was once an 'are'." 
"Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes!"
"Laughter is an instant vacation"
He was apparently pretty famous. He's going in my pocket as a favorite random thing of decades past. I like when I find new ones. Come on, look at that sassy face:

Anyway, just wanted to share that miscellaneous nugget of inspiration...

PS: Giveaway is still going on. It ends tomorrow night! Go enter to win some beautiful Merah earring. Pretty please with sugar on top?

South Beach Diet Update! (and WILW)

I've had a few people comment with questions about how my South Beach diet endeavor is going, so here's the skinny...

It's been exactly 2 weeks and I've lost just under 3 lbs. This NOT the result I'd been hoping for, but I've kind of had some weak moments.

I'm in the rigorous Phase1. This calls for absolutely no sugar or carbs. I've been doing somewhat ok with that. There are plenty of sugar substitutes and the carbs haven't been nearly as hard to avoid as I expected. I do get visits from the choco craving beast. If you haven't heard about him, he's a ravenous, terrible, vengeful creature that wanders into my mind around 3:30 pm everyday demanding chocolate. He can be a real a-hole, but I beat him with sugar-free pudding cups.

Also during the weekend, it's hard to stick to the plan. These last two weekends I've had events: Mother's Day and a Wedding. I think I made good choices, but I was definitely off the wagon. And, let's just say it, I haven't been able to avoid the booze. I've significantly cut back, but by no means have given it up. There are too many other things going on in my world right now to deprive myself of wine.

All that being said, I'm generally pretty proud of myself on the food intake. These recipes have gotten me through the last couple of weeks:

Grilled Dilled Salmon
Dill is like my new hot thing. Love it, can't get enough. This recipe is easy, healthy and oh-so tasty.

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps (dinner)
Mexican craving? Yes, I don't mind if I do! Delicious.

Veggie Quiche To-Go Cups
This has been a go-to. I've added more ingredients, including turkey bacon nuggets, and it's much more satisfying!

Turkey Lettuce Wraps (Lunch)
 I make these with balsamic vinaigrette instead of mayo. Tasty.

Faux Ice Cream
MUST. TRY. THIS. Honestly, one of the weirdest, but most genius, things I've ever done on the kitchen...and that's sort of a statement.

Also, I've found new healthy treats I'm LOVING. So, I' want to discuss them for Jamie's What I'm Loving Wednesday:

All those goodies have been great additions to my routine.

Anyway, I has hoping for much more dramatic results at the end of the first 2 weeks. I understand this won't be quick, but I'm frustrated. I'm still battling an ankle injury and have only this week been cleared for "light exercise." AAAARRGGH. But, I think I'm going to kick things into high gear and do this plan for another 2 weeks...with perhaps even more discipline.

Got any tips or tricks to share? I'd love some great ideas!

PS: Don't forget, I'm in the middle of a giveaway! Go enter to win beautiful Merah earrings! I had to start it all over yesterday after Blogger's meltdown last week. Go enter! Pretty puh-lease?
May 17, 2011

Target Tuesday: Kitchen Stuff

Lately I've really been reaching for the stars in the kitchen. I'm trying new things, experimenting, failing sometimes...and LOVING it.

Lately, it's come to my attention that I'm going to need some better stuff to work with. My current kitchen is a random assortment of apartments/roommates/kitchens past and I think I need some big girl things.

So, today, for Tara's Target's all about...

Kitchen Appliances

Here's all the stuff I want:

 KitchenAid Stand Mixer
I've been dying for one of these lately. In the past, I've had a mental block about buying one of these big things. I had mentally reserved them for blissful brides only. A power mixer seems like the ultimate wedding registry item. But, I'm opening my mind to all kinds of things and have decided I need one...bad. I have no idea how I'd ever choose a color, but this Cobalt blue is a hot contender.

Food Processor

A need for food processing keeps arising. I want. I don't know why, but I keep finding things that need to be chopped/diced/sliced into tiny little pieces....and I'm sick of chopping all damn day.


I want a wok. I want to be good at stir fry. I've been trying to find new South-Beachy ways to prepare my favorite vegges. Currently, I'm bad stir fry. I think it's because I lack the proper tools.

New pots and pans
These Calphalon ones look good. Mine aren't very non-stick anymore. They're old and have lived through too many moves. Want new just because I'm bratty....

Now that I've plowed through this post, thoroughly exposing my kitchen nerdery to the world, I'm wondering...when did I become old? I'm trying to really focus this recent interest in cooking/baking as a newfound hobby, rather than evidence of my nonyouth. Thoughts? Recommendations?

PS: Don't forget, I'm in the middle of a giveaway! Go enter to win beautiful Merah earrings! I had to start it all over yesterday after Blogger's meltdown last week. Go enter! Pretty puh-lease?

Gossip Girl Finale: I'm in a glass case of emotion!!!

Did anyone watch last night's Gossip Girl finale?!? I sure did. It kind of melted my face off at times. ALOT was going on.

I'm sort of in chaos about's my thoughts on all the plotlines that were going on:
  • Blair "The Princess of Monaco" Waldorf: What. the. hell. How could she not choose Chuck?!! I was almost certain she'd pick him over that lisp-ridden European. Obviously we haven't seen the last of Blair and Chuck....hi, there was a prego stick. YES. I'm having daydreams about her being 9-months prego lounging on the back of a yacht somewhere. What an image. I guess I'm happy the Blair/Chuck saga will be drawn out a little, but I've never bought the romance with the Prince. It's just so ridiculous.
  • Russel and Raina Thorpe: I'm honestly a little glad their stories wrapped and they're going away. She's whiney and he's just plain cra-cra.
  • Vanessa: Devious little gnat. I'm done with her. I am glad Dan finally sassed her. Supposedly she won't be back next season.
  • Serena: First of all, I'm refreshed that she for once wasn't the star of the show. But of course, while perusing the boardwalk in Montecito, she stumbled across a totally amazing summer job. She would. Why can't I be her? But let's face it, we all know she doesn't do actual work. She'll probably just wind up mugging down with that cute boy and getting into some sort of corporate scandal....that's really what she does best.
  • Nate: Poor, sweet gayface. His precious Raina left him in the dust and he's reduced to his old, wild-partying, globe-trotting bachelordom with Chuck. Maybe they'll fall in love. Stranger things have happened on this show.
  • Georgina and Charlie: wacktastical, what I love about this show, welcome additions. YES.
  • Dan/Rufus/Lily/Eric: SNOOZE. With the Prince, the prego stick, the arson, the crazy cousin....someone had to take a backseat.
Go here for my favorite, HILAROUS, recap of the episode.

Also, I'm addicted to NY Magazine's Obsessive Guide to Gossip Girl. Check it out.

What were your thoughts on last night's finale? What will be happening in the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite be up to all summer?

PS: Don't forget, I'm in the middle of a giveaway! Go enter to win beautiful Merah earrings! I had to start it all over yesterday after Blogger's meltdown last week. Go enter! Pretty puh-lease?
May 16, 2011


Ok let's try this again....I'm re-posting my giveaway from last week. Unfortunately, the post and comments were casualties of Blogger's meltdown Wednesday. If you commented before, please, kindly re-comment....

I'm practically giddy to announce this fun thing. I'm excited, like really excited. Last week I posted about a friend's new earring line, Merah. Her designs are super cute and designed to not irritate sensitive lobes. They're mondo pretty.  Here's just a taste:

One of you lucky gals is going to win your own pair! The winner gets to pick their very favorite-est ones and they'll be delivered in a pretty little box to your door. YEAH!

I'm giving you lots of chances (up to four entries!) to enter to win, so please, you don't want to miss out!

Here's how to snag you some of these presh pretties:
(Kindly leave a separate comment for each entry)

Minimum one entry:
- Be a Google Friend Connect follower. Follow up at the right. Everyone's doing it. Leave a comment letting me know you are following and which pair of Merah's amazing jewelies you like. Go shop them here.

For additional entries:

- Post something on your blog about this giveaway, telling all your beautiful winners to enter to win (1 extra entry)
- Follow me on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway (1 extra entry): "Follow @PoodleistCasey and visit to win @ShopMerah shiny pretty earrings"
- Like Poodleism and Merah on Facebook (1 extra entry)

Maximum four entries per person. Winner must be in the U.S. The giveaway will close at 9 p.m. CST on Thursday, May 19. Friday I'll post the winner, so be sure to come back and find out if you've won!

Again, thanks for your patience if you commented/entered last week. I'm starting all over. Your participation is MUCH appreciated...
May 13, 2011

Blogger = on my list.

I'm pissed. Blogger ate my giveaway post from yesterday. Me is not happy.  It has me thinking what I'm like as an angry person. I'd hope it's something like this:

It's probably more like this:

 Does anyone miss Deena and the gang as much as I do?

Anyway, I'm going to hold out a little longer for the giveaway post to be restored, so I can have all of your sweetie pie comments back.  If it's not back up, we'll start over Monday. I'm finally doing something sparkly in the blog community and this is what happens. Boo.

Thanks alot, Friday the 13th. In the meantime:

I'm clearly in quite a mood today.

I do have some awesomesauce in my weekend future....whatever I do this weekend, there better be sauce. Enjoy yours! Ill be back Monday with more smiles.
May 11, 2011

I'm so a Molly McIntire

Hey! I recently saw this amazing little nugget on a blog I'm loving right now, The Hairpin:

It's all about how your childhood American Girl doll choice can predict what kind of adult you turn out to be. First of all, I loved these dolls. Second of all, I really like the idea of using childhood choices to prophesize about what kind of grownup you are. I'm learning that there really is no good way to predict how things will turnout, so I'll go ahead and accept this model as my crystal ball. Seems as good as any, right?

These dolls were a staple of my/our generation. The catalogs came every month and although most of the stuff was the same every month,  it was thrilling every time Strangely, I've already discussed this bizarre/random childhood memory, here. Anyway, I had both Samantha Parkington and Molly McIntire. Here's what that says about me - and it's oddly spot on: 

Samantha Parkington:
Did you know, when you picked her out, that Samantha was the cool one? Or were you simply drawn to her glossy brown hair, sophisticated accessories (she had a fur muff!) and rich demographic? Either way, every girl wanted a Samantha. If you owned her, you quickly learned the value of cachet. 
By virtue of acquiring a status symbol early on (a Samantha doll was the designer jeans of third grade), you never quite had to worry about things the way other girls did. You therefore grew up to be confidant, capable, and nonplussed. You've always been well liked. You aren’t the funniest in your group, but you’ve never really noticed or cared. If you thought about it, you could probably recognize other women who had Samanthas. But that’s not that impressive: everybody can. 

Um hi. Total badass glamourpuss. I'll take least I aspire to be one.

Molly McIntire:
If you had Molly, you probably wanted Samantha instead, but contented yourself with Molly because you too wore glasses, liked books, were bad at math, and would concoct various schemes to get attention. (Oh, Molly.) If you were a Molly, and had a Molly (as opposed to being a Molly and aspirationally owning a Felicity), you were imbued, then and now, with an immutable sense of self. At least Molly could tap dance, which is frankly more talent than any of the other girls exhibited. As an adult, you’ve developed a carefully honed aptitude for sarcasm. You've gotten contacts, and a slightly edgy haircut. You still sort of want attention, but you deny it. You’ve thought back on your American Girl Doll, and tried not to be too resentful towards the person who gave her to you, who so obviously associated you with the descriptor “mousy.”

Honestly I really am more Molly, though. Wear glasses: check. Bad at math: check. "Carefully honed aptitude for sarcasm": CHECK CHECK CHECK (I hope). This Molly McIntire tarot reading is freaking me out - alot.

Although I did own both, I consider myself a definite Molly. This was a fun little exercise. Which does your American girl say about you?

*Please spend a quick second participating in the poll in the right column. I'm considering a new food-related blog hop and would love to know if you'd do it! Thanks!

Strawberry Shortcake Torte

No, this isn't on my diet. But yes, I ate some and it's amazeballs. I made this tasty, twirly torte for my sweet mommy on Mother's Day:

Looks hard, but is so not. You bake the cake, let it cool, slather in strawberry whipped goodness, roll it up and garnish! That's really it. I always have tension when recipes have some sort of structural component. I've had several catastrophes when I try to defy physics with edible things.

I didn't have the energy for a full step-by-step recap, so go let Martha teach you, here. Isn't she just the best? On her website she describes this torte with this totally random quote: "Actor David Boreanaz's mother always makes him this delicious strawberry torte on his birthday." First of all, he's sort of an obscure reference to make so proudly. Secondly, how does she know that? Thirdly, who gives a S***? But I digress...

Here's my momma grubbing on it:

It was a hit. Make it. There could be ways to make it lighter...but I didn't.

*Please spend a quick second participating in the poll in the right column. I'm considering a new food-related blog hop and would love to know if you'd do it! Thanks!



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