Apr 6, 2011

Yes, mohawks are still a thing. *UPDATED*

Recently I saw this:

My mind was blown. This occurred on a Sunday AFTERNOON in uptown Dallas. Notice my pretty friends in the background - blondes, with oversize purses and hangover t-shirts on. This is normal for Dallas. Mohawks are a rare, rare treat.

Not only is it a full-on, gravity-defying, for reals mohawk, it's COLORFUL! If you can imagine, this man was kind of grouchy, and his photo had to be snapped all secretive and sleuthy-like. I'm sorry, but if you don't want attention, don't do your hair like its the lower east side in 1983 in the damn waspy-iest place in America.

I think the thing that makes me giggle the most about this whole thing is imagining him putting this hairstyle together before he leaves the house. It has to be quite the time commitment. Not only does he have to make it defy gravity so perfectly, but he has to meticulously apply the color. I presume it's sprayed on. I would have to think he needs a chair, cool beverage and perhaps a snack before he begins this whole process. Also, the rest of his outfit was oddly polished - dress shirt, nice jeans, blazer, dress shoes. But there are wrist cuffs. He just couldn't resist those.

I loved this moment. Like I said, a rare Dallas gemstone of a attention-seeker.


A lovely cousin of mine sent me this sleuthy photo she snapped in Lubbock, TX:

Yes, that's Lubbock in the plains of West Texas. Yes, I'm talking about the Lubbock that's 2nd in our nation in right-wingedness (after Provo, UT - land of mormon cra-cra). Anyone else got mohawks to share? Lets make this a festival!


  1. Wow.. I'm kind of speechless.
    But awesome that you managed to get a photo!

  2. I am ever amazed at the "treasures" you find in your area, and also entertained! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, that is too funny!

  4. Holy carp! I lived the 80s and I don't recall ever seeing anything that spectacular.

    Awesome stealth photography, btw.

  5. Now that's a freaking mohawk!

  6. Well first off I would like to apologize for being grouchy. I'm sure I was on an irritating phone call and a little intoxicated (notice the beer in hand), seeing as we started at Primo's before heading to Patio Grill (where the pic was taken). Hence I haven't drank in 15 months. You can check out some of my other "Hawks" at fb.com/mohawkmarketing. I would gladly take a pic for you anytime.

    Yes you are correct about being spray on and time consuming. It takes me anywhere from 2-4 hours to do my hair, depending on the pattern, design, logo, or words that I put in them. This particular "Hawk" took 3 hours because I had to separate the colors with pieces of paper.

    Thank you for all of your compliments, and again I apologize for being grouchy!!!

    Chris "Hawk"


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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