Apr 19, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday - Collections!

Greetings! It's Tuesday morning. Tuesday mornings don't do a thing for my mood. Luckily, I love the topic today over at The Undomestic Momma's Top 2 Tuesday!

Top 2 Things I Collect!

1. Poodle Things
Duh. But, I'm a little snobby about it. These poodle collectibles must be unique, or vintage, or awesome in some way. (Seeing that written out makes me realize this is sort of a strange hobby.) Here are a few of my faves...

Vintage brooch. Shiny, pearly poodle-ness. Love.

This was so weird. I found this painting at an art festival last year sometime. It looks oddly, strangely, freakishly like the Prince. If my little pup could enjoy a dirty martini, I have a feeling he'd be all about it. 

 I found these gems at a tiny antique store in the basement of Pike Place Market in Seattle. I was there visiting a friend, I'm sure she thought I was on a crackrock for not only buying these, but being gaga for them and carrying them around the city for a whole day.

Salt and Pepper Shakers. These are the newest addition and are just plain useful.

2. Wine Corks
This one sort of started as a decor thing, but now, I've got random little jars/vases of them all around the apartment. I keep meaning to make some sort of craft with them. I've got plenty. Any ideas? I think it may be time for a purge.

Perfect for the bottom of a flower arrangement. Notice the poodle statue that didn't make the cut.

Kitchen accumulation. This is the wine area of the room, so it's a little bit more ok.

 Miscellaneous decorative jar. Yes, sitting on a box of poodle-shaped smelly soaps. This might be out of control...

Well, I've given you a glimpse into my little world, and am thoroughly conflicted about these collections. I may or may not have just demonstrated myself to be a crazy person. I guess that isn't too shocking.

Tell me you collect something strange....


  1. I also have a cork thing too and get sad when I open a new bottle of wine and it's a synthetic cork! I've made trivets with mine to use on my dining room table when I'm serving meals. They look great and are practical too!

  2. I collect chicken figurines...including clocks, salt & peppers shakers (I swear they make those things in just about every shape/size/animal), stuffed animals, kitchen towels, etc. If it's got a chicken on it, I probably have it.

    See? Much weirder than poodles and wine corks. :)

  3. Whoever made that picture frame is a pure genius!

  4. I love all your poddle stuff! That brooch is stunning!!

  5. Even though I don't like poodles, I love your collection. I use to collect vintage unicorn stuff when I was younger.. I think all of my unicorns are in storage till I can find a place to put them. I need a new kind of collection I think..

  6. I love the idea of a poodle collection and I love the first pic! I have poodle pajama pants...aren't I fancy...??

  7. great ideas!! I collect corks too and I haven't figured out what I want to do with them yet!


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