Apr 5, 2011

New Tuesday Blog Hops!

Hey-o! I've really been trying lately to be active in the blogging community, so today, I'm trying out 2 new blog hops at 2 new blogs that I've found that I totally love. The good news: both of them have sensational ideas for the hop topics. I'm actually a little mad I didn't find them sooner...

1. Tail-Wagging Tuesday at Live What you Love

The assignment is to post your very most favorite picture of your pet. Where do I begin? There are seriously a million. I papparazzi out on the Prince all the time. Here's a recent fave:

This one melts my heart. This side rollover thing is one of his go-to moves. When I'm flitting around the apartment, getting dressed or cleaning or whatever, whenever I pass by he does this rollover thing. The purpose is to expose his belly for scratches. I can't resist. This move kind of forces me to pick him up and turn it into a full cuddle sesh. Love.

2. Target Tuesday at Fabulous But Evil

This is an intense topic for me. I love target. Like way too much. I get myself in big trouble whenever I go. Right now, summer/spring dresses are on my brain and I want these:

I think I may need to get over to the Targ on my lunch break and check these little puppies out. Crap.

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there! If you're visiting from one of these blog hops, Welcome! Lets be friends!


  1. Found your blog through the link up! You pup is so sweet!

  2. First of all, your dog is beyond adorable! And I love the dresses you picked especially the second one! Glad you linked up! :)

  3. I tried on that second dress in store and it is super cute on! I think I'm going to go back and get it!

  4. Okay, 1) is Babydoll pure poodle? He's WONDERFUL. And 2) I want your bedding. The end.

  5. My favorite picture of the prince is the one in your office where he is in the snow looking out into the distance. What a regal boy

  6. I found your blog through Target Tuesdays...I love all of those dresses! I might have to try to find them next time I go to Target...although I usually get in major trouble when I enter those glorious sliding doors...

    PS...Your furbaby is way too cute!

  7. Your pup is so cute!! I love all the dresses you picked!

  8. Your pup is adorable!! What a cutie!! Love those dresses too! I can't wait for summer!


  9. THank you so much for playing along today! I know it was hard to only pick one picture! :)

  10. This side rollover thing is one of his go-to moves.


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