Apr 25, 2011

Kate Middleton = Badass (duh.)

Hello all! I'm back in the big D after a long weekend of family things, belated birthday celebrations and Easter delights. It was a great weekend - one for the record books. You know it's been a good weekend when you have to follow it with a total body purge. I'm like 5 hours into this "diet" and I'm already cranky and starving....CASE OF THE MONDAYS.

Anyway, it's FINALLY Royal Wedding week and I don't have much else on the brain. I've been collecting tidbits that only further prove what a total princess badass Kate Middleton is. I guess we sort of already knew that, but this is just getting out of control. I bet she doesn't get any cases of the Mondays, that lucky B.

So, newsflash-style Kate Middleton items that give me major FML:

1. They've been practicing their kiss! As you can imagine WillKat (how do you like that celeb hybrid name?!?!), have been practicing every little detail of the day. The whole world will be watching, so they've got to get this thing down. They've even been practicing their big balcony kiss, just to make sure everything is right. Here's Princess Di and Charles' balcony kiss:

 Sweet sleeves.

Kate Middleton, in possibly the most stressful week of her life, has to worry about smooching her prince for all of her loyal subjects below at just the right angle. So they practice. Rough life. FML.

2. The Middletons got a coat of arms. Just in time for the wedding the commoners Middletons were awarded their very own family coat of arms. They apparently need this insignia for programs, cakes and general badassness on the wedding day. It's a must-have for a future queen as well. So, they had one made up. The shield has all kinds of meaning: The acorn sprigs represent their three children and home in the oak forest. The gold band is for Kate's maternal ancestors, the Goldsmiths.  The chevron shape represents their love of skiing and the Lake district (confusing). The blue ribbon is for the loose blue theme Kate has adopted for her engagement. I'm glad their getting their crest, everyone deserves a crest, even us regular folk. But, I didn't think a coat of arms was something you could just slap together. I think I need one. If I had a coat of arms, I'd have it printed on everything - T-shirts, plastic cups, koozies. All of those ideas are decidedly unqueen-like, but hey, I am who I am. I'm now accepting designs.

3. Kate Middleton's likeness was revealed on a Jellybean! An English couple came across this special bean:

What do you think? I definitely see the resemblance. Oh, why can't I be her?!?! I think I may rather have a Peep made in the shape of my face (Still have Peeps on the brain.) There wouldn't have to be much sculpting involved. After how many I ate this weekend, I think my face is really just starting to look like a regular marshmallow.

4. Beyonce and Jay-Z may perform at the reception! Or at least that's the rumor. Hi, can we just repeat this in unison: "FUNNEST. PARTY. EVER." Come on, y'all. Her badassness is blowing my mind. A live Beyonce and Jay-Z concert at my wedding reception is pretty much my dream. Wait, it is my dream.

 One more time...."FUNNEST. PARTY. EVER." 

Well that's all folks. If you need me, I'll be toiling away in the most un-princess like of scenarios. 9-5 job in a room with no windows.

I guess we can't all be Kate Middleton...

One more thing...go do this:

Mingle 240


  1. Ummm I think I need my own coat of arms as well. Pronto. Maybe I should start practicing kissing with my boyfriend just in case we become famous or something also... Just to be prepared and everything =)

  2. Ahhhhhhh! Wedding week has arrived! Loved this.

  3. stopping by from mingle monday!

    I would LOVE to be at a wedding with Beyonce and Jay Z performing!! ohh, to be royal....

    LOVE your blog girl! :)

  4. I would be insanely scared. Especially about this kiss. Awkward.

  5. Ok, I want Jay-Z and Beyonce to perform at anything I attend. THAT is amazing!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are too funny! Love your blog and I'm a new follower too!

    Have a great week!! :o)


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