Apr 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Queen!

Disclaimer before we begin: If you're not interested in the Royal Wedding, you should probably just come back in a week or so. I'm totally consumed with it and this blog is where I put my thoughts....forgive my raging, rampant anglophilia.

Today is Queen Elizabeth's 85th birthday! Happy Birthday! She's been the queen since 1952. As a young lady, she was smokin' hot:

She's still pretty fabulous. I hope I'm an old lady adorned in diamonds in fur:

She celebrated today by handing out gifts to the poor, an old Easter weekend tradition, that just happened to coincide with her birthday. While it's exceedingly queen-like of her to be doing this, I think I'd rather imagine her gorging herself on cupcakes and drinking too much on her birthday, like the rest of us. Maybe that's why I'm not a queen. (Note to self: stop acting like such an unqueen-like idiot.)

Here's a sad thing: Today I read that the Royal Wedding is serving as a "dry run" for the Queens funeral, which could be coming up in the next few years. She's taking a great interest in making sure all the details for both events are perfect. So weird. I guess if the whole world was watching, I'd want to go out in style too.

On another Queen of England-related note, today they unveiled her official permission slip for the Royal Wedding.  According to a centuries-old law, the queen has to give written permission for any member of the Royal Family to wed. I love this kind of antiquated royal tradition crap -- ANGLOPHILIA. You have to assume that this law came to be because some rogue prince wanted to marry a stripper or something. Bahahaha. Well, Kate Middleton got her seal of approval. Duh.

Here's the document...

Why can't we have royalty? They're so interesting. Damn that whole revolution where we decided to be our own non-royal nation.


  1. Yeha, but the royalty is just a puppet for the actual government. Much like our president. (Ba dum ching) hahahaaa, I kill myself sometimes.

    I think I'd like to be a princess. I grew up dreaming of marrying Prince William.

  2. I totally love that your as equally obsessed with this as I am! Girl, please drive to KC for our royal wedding celebration party! It's only 8-9 hrs right ;)

    And of COURSE I gave you a shout out - I adore you and your amazing blog!


  3. I too am obsessed with Royal Wedding. Did you watch the lifetime movie? if not, don't waste your time... it sucked and was disappointing.

  4. I am completely OBSESSED with the royal wedding! I am sure AW is tired of hearing about it. Haha! So please, feel free to talk nothing but Royal Wedding for the next week!


  5. Yay! I love the Queen! Happy birthday! Random story, but I randomly saw Prince Charles and Camilla in a TINY town in the English countryside. I need to dig those pictures up in honor of the royal wedding!


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