Apr 29, 2011

Royal Wedding - Recap of the splendor Part 2: The sweet stuff

Hello all, I'm back with part 2. Bear in mind, as I've been writing these, I haven't seen any internet/blog/news/whatever analyzing this morning's events. I'm really trying to write mine up before I get tainted with others' thoughts. I don't want to be disenchanted. Hours later, I'm still having princess daydreams and want to hang on to it.

I go to a lot of weddings - alot. Especially lately. For some reason, watching the grandeur in my bathrobe this this morning kind of re-sensitized me to the whole thing. In all the bridesmaid, bachelorette party, wedding shower chaos, I forge the awesome thing that all my friends are doing. But, this princess tale kind of renewed my faith in it all. On that note, try to hang with me, this one gets a tad sappy....

1. Kate and her dad

This is the moment at each and every wedding I attend when I break into tears. This wedding was no different. As soon as she got out of that car, I sort of lost it. When she got out, she was obviously nervous, jittery, and knew the whole world was watching her....PRINCESSES! THEY"RE JUST LIKE US!

2. The royal traditions

London was decked out. One thing I definitely noticed was how clean the city looked! Not that it's a dump normally, but they had the place spick and span. Good work.

SPARKLY JEWELS. The Cartier tiara she wore was originally purchased in 1936 by King George VI. It was gifted to Queen Elizabeth on her 18th birthday and she loaned it to Kate for the day. It's 40 carats. 40 freaking carats.The earrings were a  gift from her parents for the day. WOW. She's the only person I can think of who should be wearing a tiara. Tiara on a normal person is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Westminster Abbey is so awesome. It's like hundreds of years old. Jillions of famous Brits are buried there. Lots of royals have been married there. Typically historic churches kind of bore me, but Westminster blew my mind. Going in there as a sweaty tourist is breathtaking enough...but as a bride? Ah-mazing.

The queen is cute. That's just that. I just want to squeeze her little cheeks. I also like how diva she is. I like to imagine her thoughts sounding like a ghetto teenage girl..."Oh guuuuuuuuuurl. You know I can't be seen in my carriage without a matching hat and white gloves. Oh hells to the no. And I hope that little tart knows I want my tiara back. I'll will fight her."

Horse drawn carriage. JEALOUS. Can anyone say Cindarella? THIS was precious, too.

I love all the medieval, storybook-y, palace-y, princess-y stuff. Actually, I can't get enough.

3. The balcony kiss

There was a precious moment when the balcony doors flew open...she saw the hordes of people there to see her and her jaw just dropped. It was her only moment when she showed any sign of being affected by the whole thing. Watch the whole scene here:

So happy, so precious. Although, I will say, I was hoping for a little more passion in that kiss. I can imagine it's a little tense up on that balcony in front of the ENTIRE WORLD.

4.  The Romance

The couple was just so happy and in love. They both had nerves and smiles and so much joy.  Honestly, and I don't get all lovey like this on you often, it just really melted me. Sometimes I get down on love. I've been known to be skeptical, distrusting, icey, even. But they've been through 10 years of thick and thin. This makes me want to have my own fairytale love story. If they can make it happen with all the paparazzi and craziness, dammit, we all can.

At this point, the real party over in London is probably getting under way. I hope they get to party a little bit, I bet it's been a ridiculous day. I can't wait to see what she wore to the other parties, I'm sure there are a few more outfits we common people haven't seen yet. 

Anyway, as you can imagine, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole magical thing.  I'm sad it's over. I love a princess tale.

Royal Wedding - Recap of the splendor Part 1: All the pretty stuff

I'm overwhelmed. The wedding was so beautiful and there were so many little things I want to chat about, I can't even collect my thoughts. I guess that's not all that weird for me, but this morning is particularly scatterbrained in my world. It could be the tiny amount of sleep I got. No matter, I'm running on the caffeine of prince and princess love. I'm drunk on romance. Stoned on fairytale endings. Cracked out on the grandeur.

Ok, I may be hitting the wall. On to the recap...

1. The dress.

She looked stunning. It was simple, but intricate. Modern, but traditional. Impeccable. The winning designer was Sara Burton of the late Alexander McQueen's house. WOW. I must say, long lacy sleeves were kind of jarring to me. You don't see that much these days, but she had to be covered for the ceremony. I kept thinking of Madonna actually. That may or may not be a compliment....loved.

2. The Prince

As soon as we first saw him you could tell he was totally freaking out. See awkward thumb twiddling above. GIANT SWOON.

I love a man in uniform, I really do. I don't even care about the hairline chaos. He was as dreamy as ever. There's something about a beautiful prince that just instantly transforms me into a giggly, babbling teenage girl. Kate Middleton Princess Catherine is one lucky B...

3. The hats.

This hat business is so bizarre to me. It feels like an old lady going to Southern Baptist soul church. Or at least in my world, it does. I think they're a fabulous little addition to the outfits. But let's talk about one in particular for a second. Princess Eugenie. She was wearing some weird ass thing on her head that cannot be explained...

But really, WTF is that cartoonish thing? After that hat, she may be banned (like her mother) from these dignified affairs. My mom texted me bright and early about this one...and shares my sentiment that this thing is truly heinous. She is still a princess, so she'll always beat me, even with strange things on her head. Pout.

 4. Prince Harry

Sidenote: Doesn't it look like William is having some sort of intestinal chaos here? Giggle.

This is my new favorite ginger. And I love lots of them. He was so stinking cute. He was such a sweet best man. So smiley. He was also kind of a pistol. He was smirky and whispery and winking at random people in the crowd. He's a charmer. Those types always seduce me.

I also think he was relieved to be out of the limelight. Heck they even put him in the kids' carriage. I bet he had tons of fun. There were multiple times when his face was saying..."So when do we get the booze? I'm bored." He could be my soulmate...

5. David Beckham

There's nothing really new here...he looked so. freaking. hot. UGH. I love that tux. Love the medal. Love the tophat. UGH. He just exudes perfection. Posh doesn't look to shabby either. She did kind of wear stripper shoes to a wedding, but hey, she's tiny. Love.

What'd you think was pretty? Anything ugly?

Anyway, that's all for now. The continuation of this post, the more lovey, dovey stuff, is headed your way!
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Royal Wedding - Cozy morning in my palace

It happened. And it was fabulous. The Royal Wedding blew my mind...for reals.  From start to finish, I was deeply enthralled watching history being made. I had hot plans of live blogging, tweets, texts, general communication with the outside world....but there was just no way. I was totally consumed. Here's a look at my watching party:

Me. Couch. Tea and scones. TELEVISION.....Pure bliss.

Tiara-clad Poodle. DIVA.

I haven't totally had time to collect my thoughts, brace yourselves for a mega post in the next couple hours....I'm completely daunted looking at all the photos of the spectacle. As we speak they're partying the night away celebrating their awesomeness...

It is a real life fairytale,  you know.
Apr 28, 2011

Royal Wedding - ITS SERIOUS TIME

Getting ready to watch the "nupitals of the century"? We all know I am. Here are the loose ends I'm making sure to tie up today to get ready for my pre-dawn festival of fun:

1. Make SURE the DVR is ready to go.

I'll probably be watching NBC or E!

I'm a Today show loyalist. Matt, Meredith and the crew shepherd me through most mornings, so why would this one be any different? The Today Show has also been maintaining a Royal Wedding-centric blog, called The Windsor Knot (extremely clever name, if you ask me), which has been a staple this week.

E! is also a contender because of the sassy fashion commentary. A channel devoted to pop culture usually pulls out all the commentary stops when it comes to ridiculous, lavish spectacles of grandeur. They will be the ones who will call out some dignitary's cankles...I just can't resist the E!

For a full TV guide, a sweetie blog friend of mine, Meg, prepared this handy guide.

2. Know the schedule of events.

The first guests will be arriving to Westminster Abbey at 2 a.m. (Poodleism operates in CST). The famous people who matter will begin arriving at 3:45 a.m. The royal family gets there around 4:40 a.m. The ceremony begins at 5:00 a.m. When it's over they ride a carriage around the city, and wind up at Buckingham Palace. Here's the map of the processional:
The famed balcony kiss is scheduled for 7:25 a.m.! Let's see if the top this:

Nobody can top those sleeves. NOBODY.

Go here for the full, official timeline of events. I'm hoping everything runs on schedule because as soon as the kiss is over, I've got to high-tail it into my office. I think it can work out perfectly, but punctuality will be absolutely key. I feel bad for my carpool buddy already. He's going to have to deal with my starry eyes and drunkenness on scones and romance. Sorry, DJ.

3.  Figure out your royal invitation name.

Mine is: Dame Casey Prudence Henryberton of Dallasbury

Kate Middleton is becoming "Princess Catherine." See, we're all fancy-ing up our names. There's an automatic royal name generator from the sasspots over at E! Find it here. Go fancy yourself up, Cindarella would approve..

PS: Carpool buddy's Royal Wedding name is Earl Douglas Neville Carwilecott of Dallasford. Giggle.

4. Get the menu ready.

My wedding watching party will be an intimate party for two -- me and the Prince (apt nickname this week). So, I'm not really going all-out with the party treats. I plan to watch from my bed...and am ECSTATIC about it. Television in bed and spending the morning in my robe is one of my favorite things. This time, it happens to be on a work day before the sun comes up, but I'm still hoping for the same amount of bliss. I think I'm going to have tea and scones, duh. I'm picking up these favorites tonight:

Immaculate Bakin Co.'s Cinnamon Chip Scones
They're all natural (but not healthy in any way) and can be found at Whole Foods.You just pop these little pups in the oven, a must for the early morning wake-up call. I've loved these for a while, the Queen logo for Immaculate Baking Company is serendipitous.

Twinings' Prince of Whales tea

This one was a deliberate choice - obviously. I've been sipping on the pack I acquired for tomorrow morning all week and can't wait to enjoy more. It's tasty with a little drop of honey. I like my tea black, but may sample some cream in it tomorrow, just to be extra British.

5. Wake Up!

This is a big one for me. I'm a famous over sleeper. I think I've timed this whole thing to a T. I plan to wake up around 5 and start from the beginning. I envision there being lots of boring commentary and fast forwarding to be done at certain parts (non-famous people arriving, standing around waiting, ceremony stuff). I think I can do it. As soon as they smooch, I'm hurrying to get to work. This may just be perfect. Thank the sweet heavens for DVR.

So, that's what I'll be up to tomorrow morning! I'm considering some live-blogging, and Tweets galore. What are your plans?!? Is anyone else Fuh-REAKING out?!? 

Apr 27, 2011

WillKat Boner Beer

I am in full "Royal Wedding All the Time" mode. This could be my favorite thing to come across yet...World, meet Royal Virility Performance, a Viagra-laced India pale ale designed in honor of the Royal Wedding.

It's described as:
"a beer to stir the loins of newlywed princes, summon the ghosts of long gone pleasures and cure the stammer of stuttering kings."
In addition to being a ridiculously amazing idea, that's just great writing, which I can always get on board with. NEED. TO. TRY. THIS. NOW. (Although I'm not certain what a Viagra drink would do to a woman...anyone know? I know some of you are nurses....)

WillKat + beer + "loin stirring" + quippy label = genius.

I intend to research where this magic juice is sold.

Kate Middleton for the Win

Yep, you guessed it, more Kate Middleton adoration today. A hilarious friend of mine alerted me to an amazing Tumblr, called Kate Middleton for the Win. It features hilarious future princess memes. Here are some favorites:

Anyway, I love these. I think I'm going to have to spend the rest of today trying to think of one of my own. I'll keep you posted...

This is looking like it's going to be a productive super Wednesday!
Apr 26, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday!

Go link up with CMae, if you want to play. This linkup is all about my precious Prince, who unfortunately lately hasn't gotten the attention he deserves. I've been fighting an ankle injury and really have a hard time taking him for long walks or playing. Poor little thing.

Anyway, on to today's question...

Where does Chuy sleep?

Obviously, he sleeps in bed with me. Lot's of people have told me this is not a good idea. It's apparently detrimental to your authority can can affect their discipline, or whatever. I haven't experienced that at all. And even if I did, I may not care. As a girl living alone, the purpose of getting a dog is for the cuddle buddy.

When it's bedtime, he knows. He goes and gets all snuggly while I'm buzzing around brushing my teeth and turning off all the lights. He's also extraordinarily lazy. Here's some evidence of said laziness cuddliness over the years:

If he isn't in bed with me, I feel weird. He's sort of a security blanket for me. Is this weird? Do you let your dogs sleep in your bed? Am I becoming a pet-crazed hermit lady?

Feedback that I'm normal would be much appreciated.
Apr 25, 2011

Kate Middleton = Badass (duh.)

Hello all! I'm back in the big D after a long weekend of family things, belated birthday celebrations and Easter delights. It was a great weekend - one for the record books. You know it's been a good weekend when you have to follow it with a total body purge. I'm like 5 hours into this "diet" and I'm already cranky and starving....CASE OF THE MONDAYS.

Anyway, it's FINALLY Royal Wedding week and I don't have much else on the brain. I've been collecting tidbits that only further prove what a total princess badass Kate Middleton is. I guess we sort of already knew that, but this is just getting out of control. I bet she doesn't get any cases of the Mondays, that lucky B.

So, newsflash-style Kate Middleton items that give me major FML:

1. They've been practicing their kiss! As you can imagine WillKat (how do you like that celeb hybrid name?!?!), have been practicing every little detail of the day. The whole world will be watching, so they've got to get this thing down. They've even been practicing their big balcony kiss, just to make sure everything is right. Here's Princess Di and Charles' balcony kiss:

 Sweet sleeves.

Kate Middleton, in possibly the most stressful week of her life, has to worry about smooching her prince for all of her loyal subjects below at just the right angle. So they practice. Rough life. FML.

2. The Middletons got a coat of arms. Just in time for the wedding the commoners Middletons were awarded their very own family coat of arms. They apparently need this insignia for programs, cakes and general badassness on the wedding day. It's a must-have for a future queen as well. So, they had one made up. The shield has all kinds of meaning: The acorn sprigs represent their three children and home in the oak forest. The gold band is for Kate's maternal ancestors, the Goldsmiths.  The chevron shape represents their love of skiing and the Lake district (confusing). The blue ribbon is for the loose blue theme Kate has adopted for her engagement. I'm glad their getting their crest, everyone deserves a crest, even us regular folk. But, I didn't think a coat of arms was something you could just slap together. I think I need one. If I had a coat of arms, I'd have it printed on everything - T-shirts, plastic cups, koozies. All of those ideas are decidedly unqueen-like, but hey, I am who I am. I'm now accepting designs.

3. Kate Middleton's likeness was revealed on a Jellybean! An English couple came across this special bean:

What do you think? I definitely see the resemblance. Oh, why can't I be her?!?! I think I may rather have a Peep made in the shape of my face (Still have Peeps on the brain.) There wouldn't have to be much sculpting involved. After how many I ate this weekend, I think my face is really just starting to look like a regular marshmallow.

4. Beyonce and Jay-Z may perform at the reception! Or at least that's the rumor. Hi, can we just repeat this in unison: "FUNNEST. PARTY. EVER." Come on, y'all. Her badassness is blowing my mind. A live Beyonce and Jay-Z concert at my wedding reception is pretty much my dream. Wait, it is my dream.

 One more time...."FUNNEST. PARTY. EVER." 

Well that's all folks. If you need me, I'll be toiling away in the most un-princess like of scenarios. 9-5 job in a room with no windows.

I guess we can't all be Kate Middleton...

One more thing...go do this:

Mingle 240
Apr 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

It's one of my favorite days! I'm in Houston, with my family, about to head to church.  After that, we'll enjoy some tasty brunch (my favorite meal) and there will be Easter baskets! This is the first year I can think of that we haven't dyed eggs. Pout. I guess we have to acknowledge that me and my sister are adults sometime. That day must be here.  

Today, I we'll all need some baby animals - Easter edition - BUNNIES!!

So, I hope every one of you is having a happy and peaceful Easter -- full of family, relaxation, cute pastel-colored outfits and tasty treats. That's what I look for in an Easter Sunday.  

Easter hearts. 



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