Mar 2, 2011

WILW: LOVING Strawberry Stuff right now

Happy Wednesday morning all! Today I'm participating in a new bog hop! It's What I'm Loving Wednesday over at This Kind of Love! Yeah!

It kind of worked out perfectly. I was just noticing this morning that lately, I've really been holding things together with Strawberry-flavored things. All my favorite stuff right now is Strawberry!

FAGE Total 0% with Strawberry Goji
Greek yogurt has been my go-to mid-morning snack for months now and FAGE is my favorite brand. But, this is a new development. Previously they only made the flavors in the 2% variety, and only had plain flavor in the skim. Now, hang on to your booties, there is flavored skim!! Hip Hip Hooray! This strawberry one is the only one I can find at my local superTarg, but the internet tells me there are more. For now, LOVE it.

Dunkin Donuts' Strawberry Shortcake Coffee

In a similar turn of events, I finally found berry-flavored coffee at a regular grocery store! I love, love a Blueberry flavored coffee I found one time at a small coffee shop in San Diego. Since then, I've been scouring stores for something even similar. Sometimes Whole Foods will have limited seasonal fruity coffees, but rarely. Dunkin Donuts has come out with this! The taste is very unique, and I'm obsessed. It's a weird thing, I know, but represents the end of a long search. YES!

Tasty Real Strawberries

It seems a little dumb that I'm ranking these third, but there's nothing new here. My diet expert told me that "there's no such thing as too many berries." They're low in sugar, high in antioxidants and just generally a badass superfood. So, lately, thanks to Health-a-thon 2011, I've been loading up on these dudes and eating a little serving with both my breakfast and lunch. TASTY. It's getting to be the right season, too, so they're cheaper! YES! 


Some sweet person (or devil, I can't decide) showed up to work with a bowlful of Ringpops and other treats for sharing. I love these. I nabbed one and it's been sitting on my desk staring me down for three days. I have business meetings for the rest of the week, and I'm going to treat myself to it when things get extra boring. Ringpops just bring back so many childhood memories for me. They were a special treat from the concession stand after my soccer and softball games. What a tasty blast from the past!

What are you loving today?

Thanks for playing! If you don't hear from me for a couple days, I've descended into a deep coma of "career development" meetings in a tiny room with 55 of my favorite co-workers. God, beer me strength.


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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