Mar 24, 2011

Totally tremendous trashy truck

Happy Thursday! Today I have more miscellaneous pieces of trashiness to share. These are my favorite things. Pure cultural comedy gold. Behold:

Yes, that is a Dodge Ram truck. Yes, those are rams fighting on the back of it. Yes, that is a Ram truck about to run over the fighting rams in the scene. Yes, it says "Tuff One" at the bottom - as if we didn't already know. I love this.

Here's another nugget we pulled up behind last week:

 It's just a giant man. I don't hate on obese people, but I do hate on mini trucks that are too mini for their owners. Overalls are also involved - genius. Fat guy in a little truck. Fat guy in a little truuuu-uuuck.

My carpool takes me down a particular stretch of I-20 between Arlington and Dallas that is rich with these treats. Me and my carpool buddy maintain that this area is a veritable magnet for the upmost in white trashiness and general ridiculousness. It's one little glimmering silver lining to having to commute to a random suburb everyday. I cannot even repeat some of the crazy we've seen. Elaborate artwork is a frequent player. I'm becoming quite the connoisseur - and I think I like it.  Remember last week's St. Patty's day treat?

How do you feel about a recurring theme of trashy trucks? It doesn't really matter what you say, I'll always find it completely hilarious. I hope you're having a classy afternoon. I'm dreaming of white trash greatness....


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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