Mar 29, 2011

Top 2 Celebrity Hairstyles

Happy Tuesday Friends! It's Top 2 Tuesday over at a favorite spot of mine - The Undomestic Momma. I've got a hot hair appointment for Sunday, so this is a topic on my mind this week...

Top 2 Celebrity Hairstyles

 Blake Lively
 She seriously has my dream hair. Voluminous, but effortless. Blonde, but not too Holly Madison-ish.  Both of these are what I strive for...rarely I accomplish it. Come to think of it, she may actually have my dream entire body...and life. Wait, let's just say I want to be her.

Reese Witherspoon
 Another person I wouldn't have minded to be born as. That ponytail business from the Oscars this year was just stupid good. The thing with her hair is that it's always very polished, but not too stuffy. That's just kind of generally seems to be her M.O. in life. Love.

Anyway, just some random girliness for ya today! Happy Tuesday!


  1. You're the second top 2 post that had those exact same celebrities, in the exact same order! Deja vu. HECK YES to Blake Lively! LOVE.

  2. Hi, thanks for the visit to my blog! Love this...poodleism! so cute. And a celeb lover, a girl after my own heart. At work my friends & i found this InStyle makeover site and we "tried on" different celeb hairstyles. You'd love it! I'll have to find the link.

  3. I chose Reese too for my Top 2 Tuesday last week...she always has awesome hair!!

  4. I love Blake Lively Hair, fits well with her facial features. Gorgeous!


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