Mar 9, 2011

The Royal Wedding - please hurry!

I'm a big nerd for the Royal Wedding and all related news. I love princess things. I just can't help myself. My work/blog/office next door neighbor friend recently got these:

She blogged about it too, here.

Straight from cheery London, real-life Royal wedding memorabilia. I got to hold these treasures in my very own hot little hands. I really can't get enough of this hype.

This week there are even rumors of Alexander McQueen possibly designing her dress. Genius. The British fashion house sent this finale look down the runway at Paris Fashion week recently. Hint?

These are of course rumors. I hope she goes with something more traditional.

The wedding goes down April 29. Depending on my vacation day situation, I may just go ahead and take that one off. The thing starts around 4 a.m. CST and I will not be missing it. Can't. Freaking. Wait.

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