Mar 10, 2011

Lent Update: Goodbye, Sailor Mouth

So, I've decided on something to give up. I'm going to stop saying bad words. Talking like a sailor is one of my worst vices. So, I've decided to give it up as a show of self control. I'm determined not to let the unladylike language take me over.

I compiled a list of words that are on the "don't" list. They're mostly four-letter words, but there are a few that are my own special brand. These are the words that I've devised in previous attempts at this. They're gone too. I'm hoping not to make up new ones this round. 

So far it hasn't gone so great. Yesterday afternoon a sweet jam by one Cee Lo Green came on the radio (you know, the one with the f-word in it), and I totally forgot what I was doing and belted it out like crazy person. Admit it, it's a good one to belt out! Oops. Also, last night I stubbed my toe...twice. (This is pretty common in my world.) Oops, Oops. Then, of course, this morning, I spilled scalding hot coffee down the front of my white shirt. On this occasion, I rattled off a flawless cuss symphony - BIG OOPS.

I feel like the universe is testing me. I'm going to pass this test, darn it. (That's on the approved list.) I'm energized to meet this challenge, but I'm already a little bit down about it. It might be a long 40 days.

Then, this morning, I got to work and somehow landed on this, and it was a definite pep talk for language purity. Just for funsies, and cuteness sake, enjoy this:

Best of luck with your Lent promises. Do it for the giggle baby!


  1. Oh eff. Good luck. I didn't even make it a day, hahaha

  2. Whoops! Oh well, there's always next year. Haha. Kidding. And that baby is a-freakin'-dorable.


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