Mar 23, 2011

Best. Brownies. Ever

Hello all! I'm in birthday euphoria today. I love when it's someone's birthday - specifically people in my inner circle. There are a handful of people in my world whose birthday excites me almost as much as my own. Today, it's my work BFF and carpool buddy, DJ. He turns 31 today and this is him:

Happy Birthday to DJ!

But, lets get back on track here. Per my usual, I had to whip up a birthday sweet treat. (I like baking and I like people in my office thinking I'm good at it. It's a weird form of validation that I can't get enough of.) Brownies typically bore me, I prefer more of a pastry challenge, but it was DJ's request. I originally saw this recipe over at a new blog I've been checking out lately, Virginia Beach Housewife. She's super cute, has great ideas and has a precious baby. I love those things in a blogger. Anyway, they're toffee brownies.

Feel free to add sprinkles. I couldn't resist birthday-ing these up a little more.

It's seriously the easiest thing in the history of easy things. You  make a double batch of boxed brownies, pour half in the pan, lay Hershey's Symphony bars all across the top, cover with the rest of the batter and bake! Voila! I didn't exactly satisfy my thirst for baking challenge, but the gooey layers were amazeballs. I love a layered desert, I really do.

Anyway, brownie success. Maybe I'm not too much of a snob for brownies. Thanks, Michelle!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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