Mar 30, 2011


A friend of mine recently alerted me to a little thing called Art-O-Mat. It's a vending machine full of original, unique little pieces of art. It's a classic cigarette machine full of creative little treats. They're only $5! All you do is pop in your dollars and out pops a magical art nugget. This is something I clearly had to check out. These machines exist in all kinds of places, but my local Art-O-Mat is obviously located in the center of the giant Whole Foods mega store in downtown Dallas. Whole Foods seems to demand to be the harbinger of all good taste - and I typically agree. Here's the machine, right between the fancy cheeses and the hipsters trying to hide from waspy Dallas-ites:

 I love this scene.

And a closer look:
Yes that's me in the reflection. I'm channeling my inner hipster in this high-concept photo. That's not true, I didn't realize the thing was a giant mirror. Idiot.

I opted for an artist whose sample art piece was a mermaid - duh. My first choice was a mini robot sculpture, but they were all out - also duh. Here's me opening the surprise treat...

First foray into original video - thoughts?

And this is what came inside:

The fortune says "Beauty is the nucleus of the future." The teeny tiny painting (yes, PAINTING) was definitely an original. It's a topless Cleopatra and a dog. I think it's me - fabulous and with canine companion. I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do with it, but I love it. The fortune is pretty good too. I'm considering having it. tattooed on me somewhere. 

The whole experience felt a lot like when I used to get a Happy Meal and not know whether I was getting a Barbie or a Hot Wheels car. Actually, it's exactly like that, except for adults, and with culture.  Look at me know world, I'm an owner of original fine art.  Try to stop me.

I loved it. I'll be back for sure. Find an Art-O-Mat near you, here.


  1. This is amazing!! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I'll most certainly be hitting up the Whole Foods once I get back down to Dallas. I want to be hip, too.

  3. That's really cool! I had no idea! I will definitely have to try and visit one of these soon and see what treasure I get! :)

  4. Ker-plunking Art-o-mat art is deliciously addictive!

  5. If you don't live near an Art-o-mat, you can also get your own "carton" of 10 pieces of art from their website. You answer a 10-question survey, and they choose art they think fits you best!


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