Mar 31, 2011

Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza!!

Hello all! Happy Thursday! The other night I made a recipe I've been DYING to try - homemade whole wheat pizza crust. By this, I mean truly homemade, like from scratch and everything. One of my favorite blog friends, Northwest Betty, posted this recipe sometime last week and it really caught my eye. I'm a pizza lover. Really, I could eat it everyday. But, Health-a-Thon 2011 is causing me to cut back big time. Her recipe is kind to the waistline, made with whole wheat flour (even soy flour if you feel really hardcore) and flax seed. Healthy pizza is like my dream food.

I was originally pretty intimidated by the idea of making my own bread-like item from scratch, but this was easy. Boy howdy, was it easy! You can view the complete, detailed recipe here, here, but here's a quick photo run down of this endeavor. I'm really proud.

1. Mix the dry ingredients during the yeast magic.

Really, and maybe this is my culinary inexperience talking, active yeast blows my mind. They're tiny little animals, that come in an envelope, and do magical things to make your baked treats more fabulous. What the hell?

 2. Form dough ball. Fun.

At this point it started to smell mega good. It was that fresh bread smell, something that's never graced my kitchen. It reminded me of my grandma's rolls. She's a genius.

3. Roll that puppy out. 

I think I"m going to be needing a pizza stone...this might be something i do all the time now.

4. Prepare topping greatness.

Heirloom tomatoes, tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella, broccolini, orange peppers...DELISH.

5. Bake for 15 minutes and VOILA!

It was seriously so tasty. I could have lightened things up and forgone the sauce and gotten a lighter cheese, but lets just face it: cheese is not something I'm prepared to half ass.

So, all in all, great success! I'm proud to be adding another thing into my kitchen repertoire. Thanks a million again to sweet Northwest might be becoming my culinary leader. :)


A friend of mine recently alerted me to a little thing called Art-O-Mat. It's a vending machine full of original, unique little pieces of art. It's a classic cigarette machine full of creative little treats. They're only $5! All you do is pop in your dollars and out pops a magical art nugget. This is something I clearly had to check out. These machines exist in all kinds of places, but my local Art-O-Mat is obviously located in the center of the giant Whole Foods mega store in downtown Dallas. Whole Foods seems to demand to be the harbinger of all good taste - and I typically agree. Here's the machine, right between the fancy cheeses and the hipsters trying to hide from waspy Dallas-ites:

 I love this scene.

And a closer look:
Yes that's me in the reflection. I'm channeling my inner hipster in this high-concept photo. That's not true, I didn't realize the thing was a giant mirror. Idiot.

I opted for an artist whose sample art piece was a mermaid - duh. My first choice was a mini robot sculpture, but they were all out - also duh. Here's me opening the surprise treat...

First foray into original video - thoughts?

And this is what came inside:

The fortune says "Beauty is the nucleus of the future." The teeny tiny painting (yes, PAINTING) was definitely an original. It's a topless Cleopatra and a dog. I think it's me - fabulous and with canine companion. I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do with it, but I love it. The fortune is pretty good too. I'm considering having it. tattooed on me somewhere. 

The whole experience felt a lot like when I used to get a Happy Meal and not know whether I was getting a Barbie or a Hot Wheels car. Actually, it's exactly like that, except for adults, and with culture.  Look at me know world, I'm an owner of original fine art.  Try to stop me.

I loved it. I'll be back for sure. Find an Art-O-Mat near you, here.
Mar 29, 2011

Top 2 Celebrity Hairstyles

Happy Tuesday Friends! It's Top 2 Tuesday over at a favorite spot of mine - The Undomestic Momma. I've got a hot hair appointment for Sunday, so this is a topic on my mind this week...

Top 2 Celebrity Hairstyles

 Blake Lively
 She seriously has my dream hair. Voluminous, but effortless. Blonde, but not too Holly Madison-ish.  Both of these are what I strive for...rarely I accomplish it. Come to think of it, she may actually have my dream entire body...and life. Wait, let's just say I want to be her.

Reese Witherspoon
 Another person I wouldn't have minded to be born as. That ponytail business from the Oscars this year was just stupid good. The thing with her hair is that it's always very polished, but not too stuffy. That's just kind of generally seems to be her M.O. in life. Love.

Anyway, just some random girliness for ya today! Happy Tuesday!
Mar 28, 2011

Best. Weekend. Ever.

But really, y'all. I had an epic weekend that might not be rivaled.

Friday night: Cooking and baking at home and then some overdue BFF catch-up talks

 Peanut butter patties. Favorite new recipe.

Saturday: Bachelorette party greatness....brunch, pool-side champagne, delicious Mexican dinner, out on the town

Sunday: Daytime barhopping with some of my favorite pals...

All in all, I had great weekend success. Sometimes it's easy to forget how good you have it in life. I seriously have some amazeballs friends that are fun, supportive and thoughtful...but mostly FUN.

The only downside: my food and beverage intake from the last few days is just plain embarrassing. I ate and drank enough calories for at least two people. This week I'm going to try (I've been battling a foot injury) to  kick my workouts into gear. I've got to. There's just no other way to put it.

So, if you need me, I'll be the one that's drinking gallons of water and trying not to anything. Have a great week!

PS: Go do this:

Mingle 240
Mar 25, 2011

Happy Friday to ya! I've had a painstakingly long week and am chomping at the bit to get home and relax before I have bachelorette party Bacchanalia all weekend....

1. Pole dancing for jesus. No, it isn't opposite day. You read that right. There is a place near Houston, called Old Town Spring (this is somewhere I've been several times and is way too close to my home), where you can take Christian pole dancing fitness classes. The class is set to Christian music and young girls come to the classes on Sunday to feel the burn and be good Christian girls. The instructor said, "God gives us these bodies and they are suppose to be our temples and we are suppose to take care of them and that's what we are doing," Supposedly the class goers are "getting closer to God." The girls are all wearing 6-inch clear heels in the class and humping those poles like they've got bills to pay.  This just seems stupid. I guess I'm not anyone to judge how you do your religion, but the Baptist-raised girl in me is giving them a major side eye.

2. Celebrate the royal wedding with a commemorative fridge! If you're looking for just that special piece to crystallize the magical wedding day in your kitchen forever, you can own this full-size GE refrigerator emblazoned with their royal faces:
A distributor from the company said, “It certainly wipes the floor with your usual commemorative tea towels and mugs and is most definitely one of the most novel royal wedding products we have seen." That's for damn sure. If there's one skinny bitch whose face I don't want staring at me when I'm digging through the freezer for my Ben and Jerry's, it's hers. I do hope this becomes a trend...I would buy a Beyonce fridge in an instant.

3. Bieber's eBay hair is on tour! And it's raising money for Japan! Ellen Degeneres auctioned Bieber's shorn hair for over $40,000. Now, the luscious locks are headed around the country on tour. The first stop is a bowling alley in Miami. You can drop in and pay to have your photo taken with the hair. All the proceeds will be donated to Japan relief. While, I think it's such an awesome thing that they're putting that hair to work for good, this is one of the most insane Bieber-isms I've heard of yet. Right?  I hope something truly wacky goes down at this event, like a crazed teen tries to eat the hair or something...we Americans will really rally around a cause if there's a teen heartthrob involved. Or even just his hair.  Ridiculous.

4. Ultrasound girdle - get excited. World, meet the PreVue:

This little ditty is a girdle you can wear and be able to see your fetus at all times! It's still in the concept phase, so don't go run out and try to pick you up one of these gemstones. I don't know why this fascinates me so much. Generally, pregnancy makes me tense, but this thing is amazing. I'm imagining that you can also see everything else in your stomach - things like Thin Mints, and hot dogs, and gummy worms. Is that just my stomach?

5. Madonna shoes. I don't mean shoes designed by or worn by her, I mean shoes that look like her. Yes, they're real:
These are amazeballs - a veritable shoe MindF. I'm having difficulty conceiving of the fact that a single shoe includes all of these things: cone bra, headset microphone and a blonde ponytail. All of that, and you can still wear them! I don't know why, but I think I might need to own these.

6. Quote of the week:
"He's extremely dashing, like an old-world movie star. He's incredibly concrete in his presence. . .and is obviously very handsome...I think, he's going to be a really serious actor. He's a really good actor." -- Uma Thurman re: Robert Pattinson (my sweet, sweet Edward angel)
I figured I hadn't praised R-Patz in way too long. Also, she's a 40-year-old woman. This validates everything for me. Not only is she a real grown up (something I'm not sure if I am or not), she's smokin' hot and talented in her own right (also questionable for me). If Uma crushes on him this hard, it's ok for the rest of us, dangit. YES!

So, that's all folks! I hope everyone has a supermagical weekend. I'll be participating in in an all-out festival of fun. There will be brunch, pool, delicious food, friends and of course booze. Can't. wait. Love you!
Mar 24, 2011

Totally tremendous trashy truck

Happy Thursday! Today I have more miscellaneous pieces of trashiness to share. These are my favorite things. Pure cultural comedy gold. Behold:

Yes, that is a Dodge Ram truck. Yes, those are rams fighting on the back of it. Yes, that is a Ram truck about to run over the fighting rams in the scene. Yes, it says "Tuff One" at the bottom - as if we didn't already know. I love this.

Here's another nugget we pulled up behind last week:

 It's just a giant man. I don't hate on obese people, but I do hate on mini trucks that are too mini for their owners. Overalls are also involved - genius. Fat guy in a little truck. Fat guy in a little truuuu-uuuck.

My carpool takes me down a particular stretch of I-20 between Arlington and Dallas that is rich with these treats. Me and my carpool buddy maintain that this area is a veritable magnet for the upmost in white trashiness and general ridiculousness. It's one little glimmering silver lining to having to commute to a random suburb everyday. I cannot even repeat some of the crazy we've seen. Elaborate artwork is a frequent player. I'm becoming quite the connoisseur - and I think I like it.  Remember last week's St. Patty's day treat?

How do you feel about a recurring theme of trashy trucks? It doesn't really matter what you say, I'll always find it completely hilarious. I hope you're having a classy afternoon. I'm dreaming of white trash greatness....
Mar 23, 2011

The world is a little less glamorous...

I'm sad. Elizabeth Taylor died today. She'd been in failing health for some time, and congestive heart failure claimed her life today. I learned today that her charity work has grossed as much as her films. WHOA.

One of my favorite of her quotes:
"When people say, 'She's got everything', I've got one answer - I haven't had tomorrow."

and another...
"Big girls need big diamonds."
Most beautiful woman, maybe ever:
 Pre-Photoshop era. Holy cow.

Humanity is just a tiny bit less sparkly today...

Best. Brownies. Ever

Hello all! I'm in birthday euphoria today. I love when it's someone's birthday - specifically people in my inner circle. There are a handful of people in my world whose birthday excites me almost as much as my own. Today, it's my work BFF and carpool buddy, DJ. He turns 31 today and this is him:

Happy Birthday to DJ!

But, lets get back on track here. Per my usual, I had to whip up a birthday sweet treat. (I like baking and I like people in my office thinking I'm good at it. It's a weird form of validation that I can't get enough of.) Brownies typically bore me, I prefer more of a pastry challenge, but it was DJ's request. I originally saw this recipe over at a new blog I've been checking out lately, Virginia Beach Housewife. She's super cute, has great ideas and has a precious baby. I love those things in a blogger. Anyway, they're toffee brownies.

Feel free to add sprinkles. I couldn't resist birthday-ing these up a little more.

It's seriously the easiest thing in the history of easy things. You  make a double batch of boxed brownies, pour half in the pan, lay Hershey's Symphony bars all across the top, cover with the rest of the batter and bake! Voila! I didn't exactly satisfy my thirst for baking challenge, but the gooey layers were amazeballs. I love a layered desert, I really do.

Anyway, brownie success. Maybe I'm not too much of a snob for brownies. Thanks, Michelle!
Mar 21, 2011


Howdy! Today is the first full day of Spring and I'm ecstatic about it! The weather in Texas has already been pretty spring-ish these last few weeks, but I'm thrilled that it's official! Last week, just because, I went on a Spring shopping spree of sorts and I'm pumped to wear all my new warm weather gear this week! YES!

To ring in the new season, I've applied my inaugural pastel nail polish of the season. I'm officially hanging up my winter darks and bringing out my favorite brights. I love any nail color suitable for an Easter egg. A brand spankin' new color for a brand new season:

 OPI's I Vant to be A-Lone Star

Also, I must share, a sweet girlfriend of mine gave me these beauties last week. Just because she's sweet and wanted to brighten my day:

Last week they were "cheer-me-up" flowers, this week they're "HELLOOOOO SPRING" flowers. 

Since they made me so happy this morning, I think I'm going to make a point to keep more fresh flowers around this Spring. These are some of my favorites:

This new season has me brimming with excitement. I'm working on making some big changes in my life and a fresh, new, beautiful season is just what I need to inspire me.  Happy Spring!

Mar 18, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday friends! I've been in serious blog struggle mode this week, but don't worry, it's NEWSFLASH time!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad to feel back in the swing of things. This week was chalked full of interesting finds:

1. Meet a $1.5 million dog. This week a Chinese coal baron (that's code for uber-rich guy) bought this Tibetan Mastiff for shizloads of money.

The pup is named Big Splash, or "Hong Dong" (giggle) in Chinese. He's 11 months old and already weights 180 lbs. WHOA.  These status symbol pets are prized for being a "pure Chinese breed." They've served as guard dogs for Chinese monasteries for centuries. Reportedly, Genghis Khan and Lord Buddha owned them. Now its apparently a thing hip rich people do too. I did a major gulp when I paid a couple hundred for a poodle baby with murky genetics....I even tried to haggle the lady (which didn't work).  Even more impressive is that he's a  perfect candidate for breeding, but one dose of his magic juices costs around $1,500. Wow, that's magical.

2. The moon will be extra bright this weekend. Tomorrow night there will be a "pedigree moon," which hasn't happened in almost 20 years!  A pedigree moon is a full moon that's extra close. It's far rarer than a "blue moon," which seems to be the sexiest, most-talked about type of moon. The moon will be 31,000 miles closer than the average night. It will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal! Hot damn, y'all! You probably won't be able to miss it, but take a look. It won't be back until 2029. I'll be 43 then. (I'm curious what future me will be doing....) Anyway, I feel its my duty to report on astronomical wonders.

3. Suri Cruise gets penis gummies. Earlier this week Katie Holmes stepped out to grab a quick treat with her little precious Suri. Katie brought the tot, age 4, to Serendipity 3 (YUM) well after midnight. Then, while waiting on a table (They waited?!?!) Suri munched on some tasty phallic snacks:

We've said it before, but lets just go there again...this kid has the most ridiculous life ever. Not only is she getting a nightcap, she's slurping on bachelorette party treats while she does it. She also wears heels. And Joey Potter is her mom And she's the poster baby for her own alien religion. She honestly blows everything I know about childhood out of the water. So. jealous. of. her. life.

4. An insane woman shoved tons of drugs into her lady parts. So this woman, 27 years old, crashed her car. At the scene of the crash, police searched her and found: 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty bags used to package heroin, and eight prescription pills and $51.22 in cash and change. All of this was in her vagina. HOLY BALLS. I've always felt strongly that the human female body is a wondrous biological machine, but this takes it to a new level. I'm amazed that all that business fit in there. Is it wrong to be curious what that felt like? The whole thing is pretty shocking, but I can't get my mind off the change. I frequently find myself annoyed at the jingling pennies at the bottom of my purse and want to dump them on the floor. Now, I have an alternative.....just kidding.  While this couldn't be safe, I do admire her commitment to keeping up with all the items.

5. Kate Middleton's sexy prince-snagging dress has been sold for over $125,000!! The super sexy transparent frock that the future princess donned in 2002 sold at auction this week for a sick amount of money. Reportedly, this sexy little number is when she first caught the eye of her beautiful prince:
The designer, Charlotte Todd, has said that the dress was intended to be a skirt, but Kate decided it was better as a dress. It's also been just shoved in her closet for 9 years. Honestly, I don't particularly care for the dress, but you gotta give her some snaps for really committing to the whole "I gotta get me a prince husband" thing so much. The buyer wasn't identified...I hope the proceeds go to something good.

6. A British 5-year old is the best sandbox mate ever. The girl, Emily Baldry, was digging around at a water park (in their country that means group of ponds/lakes) with a plastic beach shovel when she found a 160 million-year-old fossil! She found the thing totally by accident, and only noticed because she suddenly dug into a hard, rock-like thing. Turns out, the fossil is a  16-inch, 130-lb Rieneckia ammonite. That's an ancient shelled sea creature. The area is believed to have been a warm, shallow sea during the Jurassic era, but this is still a freakish find. Call me a pessimist, but I hope this little girl didn't just peak in life. She might have. I'd take it though. Between this little lady and that poptart Suri Cruise, it seems like a pretty good gig being a little girl these days.

Despite these giggly things, let's get serious for a sec. Please give all your most encouraging thoughts/wishes/prayers to the crazy that's happening in Japan. You could even give some money, here. It looks so terrifying over there. I can't even imagine.

Well, I'm headed into my weekend with some great things on the horizon: girls' night tonight, then off to Houston tomorrow to shower a close bride friend in gifts. It's a wedding shower. I'm getting good at these. I cannot wait until it's my day to have a party where all we do is give me stuff...Enjoy your weekends, loves!
Mar 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello all! Happy St. Patty's Day! I'm wearing my green today and have been trying to use my best leprechaun voice throughout the day. It turns out my best isn't that good. 

It's been a slow blog week, my apologies. I've been really dry on good ideas - and still don't have much. 

But I will share this little gemstone: It must be the luck of the Irish that I pulled up behind this today:

On top of the overall awesomeness of this sight, there are some particular things that My eye was drawn to...

What's up with that lovehandle area? It kind of looks to me like a pterodactl just swept in and bit a chunk out of her torso. Or is that what it looks like to be super skinny in that area? I wouldn't know.

Also, there's some shading in/around the pelvic area that doesn't quite make sense. The shading looks more like hair than I'm comfortable with.

By her knee there is a single red rose. Elegant.

It's been a very weird few days in my world. I've been scanning the world for comedy nuggets to help me power through, and this could have been just what I needed. 

On this St. Patty's day, dare I say that this tailgate is the giggly pot of gold at the end of my rainbow of big life questions I've been dealing with this week?

A stretch? Perhaps.



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