Feb 21, 2011

Space - even more news!

Well kiddos, per my excellent mood today, I'll take this afternoon to discuss even more space-related items that are happening out there. If a girl can't show her science nerd side on her own blog, where can she?

First of all, a sweet work friend spent last week in Florida and brought me some AMAZEBALLS goodies from the Kennedy Space Center. He knows the mega-geek that I am and brought me some treats that I'm positively giddy about:


According to their box, "Tektites are naturally occurring, glass rocks that are formed by the intense impact of large meteorites on the Earth's surface." My very own meteor rocks! They're very odd. They're sort of a little slimy, extremely light, somewhat fragile and have a strange-ish smell. I love them.

Private HAM!
"Private Ham was the space chimp that helped launch the Mercury program. He showed that it was safe for humans to become astronauts and fly in a weightless environment." First of all, the chimp is precious and is even wearing his own space helmet! Here's a photo of the real Private Ham from 1961. This little man is going to have a permanent home on my desk. I find him inspirational and cuddly - just what I need.

In other, real space news, NASA has announced that they think they've discovered 1,200 new planets, 54 of which are in the hospitable zone! The chief scientist has said that the number of potentially inhabitable planets represents "an enormous amount, an inconceivable amount." This is a HUGE step forward in the search for extraterrestrial life. Prior to this finding, we only knew about a little over 500 planets - that's now tripled!!

Also, they found a six-planet solar system! The planets orbit around a large, sun-like star, which had previously only been observed in our solar system. The system, known as Kepler-11, is the fullest, most compact, and ONLY, solar system ever discovered.

(By the way, that hot space news tip came from a new blog friend, Jenn at Going the Distance. Thanks! Go check her out!)

I think this goes without saying, but... MY MIND IS BLOWN. Every time I think about the final frontier my brain feels like a canoe filling up with water. Recently, I was chatting with a friend (the same friend who so thoughtfully brought me the Tektites and Private Ham) about it and described my love of space to him in this way:
"I'm addicted to my inability to conceive of its expansive greatness."
And that's completely true..and also my new prepared, PR statement about my science nerdery.


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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