Feb 7, 2011

Ski Adventure Recap!

It seem like this recap is WAY overdue, but the last week has been a fog of traveling, snow days, sickness and superbowl. I've received some requests the full run-down of my recent ski adventure, so here we go! Me and some of my closest buddies flew to beautiful Lake Tahoe, NV to hit the slopes and debaucherize.  Here are some of the high(and low)lights of the trip:

Lake Tahoe is seriously the most gorgeous place I've EVER been. 
Here's a photo of manfriend and I on top of the mountain:

Yes, that's me in the dumb helmet; more on that later. Seriously I've never seen anything like Tahoe. From many places on the mountain, and even down in town, you can see the whole lake and surrounding mountains. It was one of the most breathtaking things I've ever seen. The ski resort is named "Heavenly" for a reason. It blew my mind.

I'm not an amzing skiier - but I did learn. 

So, it turns out I'm not that good on the slopes. Manfriend was a sweetheart and tried to be very patient with me. The whole first day he stayed with me and really powered through my copious meltdowns. The first day, to put it gently, was rough. It really didn't come naturally to me, and I really wasn't much of a trooper. I also smacked my noggin on the ice pretty badly. So, for the second day out, I got myself a helmet and a sunny attitude and attempted to conquer. (By the way, there's pretty much NO way to feel cute in a helmet. It automatically makes you into the dorkiest version of yourself.) I think it ended up ok, by the end I was cruising the green slopes easily, but wasn't quite ready for the blues. I'm told that's pretty normal progress, but I'm not really very happy when I'm not instantly good at something. But hey, lets face it, there isn't ANYTHING natural about flinging yourself down an icy mountain on two sticks.


The second morning there, we woke up to almost a foot of fresh powder. This is not something I'm familiar with. I danced/played/galavanted like a schoolgirl. I loved the winter wonderland - a lot. We also made a sassy snow girl. Friends, meet Tina:

Tina is the sassiest snowB around. She likes Smirnoff ICE and Hot Damn. She will flirt with your boyfriend.

A mountaintop engagement happened!

Some of my best pals, Courtney and Cole got engaged on top of the mountain! This photo was taken near the proposal spot! These two have been together for ages and are perfect for each other, I'm so happy for them!! They are also some of my favorite friends to party with - let the games begin!

Back to work for me - really, I mean playing with my new iPhone.  More trip details later!


  1. visiting from mingle mondays..

    and i kid you not..

    I call my husband poodle...
    sometimes poodle doodle, poodle doo, doodle oodle poodle bear..

    he likes it.

    not really.

    but i like it.

    needless to say that is what attracted me to your blog (the title) it made me laugh. in a good way.

    this may or may not make me sound really weird.


  2. Hi there! Visiting from Mingle Monday. My momma has a little black poodle named Mojo. Love poodles. Congrats on skiing! This South Louisiana chick went in the snow for the first time in December in Park City, Utah. I wasn't there long enough to ski, though. I just "followed" ya! I look forward to more posts!

  3. Hi there. I am also a Mingle Monday visitor! I am loving the design of your blog. It is very bright and chipper. Your skiing trip seemed amazing. I used to go all the time, but none of my friends are as adventurous as I am, it seems. Congratulations to your friends on their engagement!

  4. I love TINA!!!! That is the best snow creation ever! I am so happy for Courtney and Cole, I can't wait to celebrate!

  5. Tina was a hoe fo show. I am not going to go into detail but she liked kinky things.


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