Feb 14, 2011

More Valentine's Day!

Boy, I'm in the spirit today. I love holidays, especially those where I get showered in adoration. I returned from lunch to discover these beauties on my desk:

Sweet, sweet Manfriend did me right - again. He knows I love mini roses and these are the closest thing we've seen in a while. He's the best.

Also, I'm LOVING these vintage Valentines I found:

I think I definitely need a job writing cards like that. I probably read 9 zillion cards at the Targ yesterday and NONE of them were even close to as precious as these. Really, who are these modern-day cardwriters? They totally suck.

On another note, working on a holiday is just silly. Can't it just be 3rd grade again? If it were 3rd grade, this would be the day's agenda:

- Get to school late-ish because your mom was toting party treats.
- Hear a ridiculous story about the history of St. Valentine.
- Make doily and glitter cards for your family.
- Lunch and recess.
- Valentine's PARTY to exchange Little Mermaid Valentine cards and eat lots of candy.
- Sugar coma.

I'm working on the making cards and sugar coma part. But, more so, I'm counting down the hours until I can bust out of this stupid joint and start getting my romantic evening on. There will be champagne, dinner and romance galore. I've been buzzing around playing Valentine's elf preparing Manfriend's little goodie bag. I'm freaking excited!

What about you, any hot plans?


  1. Your manfriend is so sweet! Those flowers are beautiful! And those cards are too funny. If only cards were that funny these days! Hope you have a great evening!

  2. haha thats so funny my mom's a 4th grade teacher and when I asked how her Valentine's day went she followed with that agenda to a T. Oh to be a kid again!

  3. Great job, manfriend! I loved making and giving out Valentines! That was my favorite holiday in school!

  4. Those cards are so great!! Really!!


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