Feb 28, 2011

MONSTER Acadamy Awards Recap

Hello all! Happy Monday morning to ya! Last night was the Oscars. I love awards season and the Academy Awards is the big show we've all been waiting for!  Overall, I enjoyed the show, but I thought the hosts were a little bit lacking...James Franco is easy on the eyes, but he seemed so tense. Anne Hathaway was of course her bubbly and charming self, but I was hoping for a lot more comedy.

As for the winners, I'm happy with all of the big 3:

Best Actress: Natalie Portman in Black Swan
Honestly, that performance was just stupidly good. Nobody else stood a chance. She's having a pretty good year so far: new fiance, new Oscar and new baby on the way!  Also, isn't it nice to see a famous person being pregnant with grace and poise, but naturally...like the rest of us?

Best Actor: Colin Firth in the King's Speech
I've had a crush on this precious Brit for years. It was his turn. His acceptance speech was perfectly humorous and gracious. I love him.

Best Film: The King's Speech
I loved it and couldn't agree more. The movie also won Best Screenwriting and Best Director. BOOM.

And now on to what really counts: the sparkly fabulous fashions.  I really didn't have many that I just hated - this is a new thing for me. See a complete slideshow of the fashions here.  In general, I was a little bit underwhelmed with this year's selection of gowns, but here are some favorites:

Reese Witherspoon
I think this is just so classic and sleek. Also, that bouncy ponytail is just fabulous. Emerald jewels? Freaking amazing. 

Mila Kunis
I'm usually not one to praise the drapey, shabby-ish look, I typically prefer clean and polished, but I'm also a sucker for periwinkle. I think the color is just perfect for her.

Jennifer Hudson
Um, hai. She looks just ridiculously smokin'. We've all see the Weight Watchers commercials, but hot damn! Again, typically I don't go for a halter top, but the color is smashing on her. Also, the asymmetry is spot on. Usually a mega-sized bow on the hip equals mega-sized looking hips, but no more!

Gwyneth Paltrow
I love that this dress is super sparkly, but doesn't look like a disco ball. I think this is perfectly tailored to make her look long, slender and classy. It's perfect on her. (Someone must have slipped a Perkocet in my coffee: I typically HATE her.)

Celine Dion
Question: is she ever going to age? Similar to Gwyneth, I love the cut on this dress. It's a lot of coverage, but still extremely sexy.

One trend that kept popping up? High necks. I'm not sold on a high neckline, I think on some people it looks kind of heavy/cumbersome, but on others it's very tasteful.  I'm not wild about all of these, but there there seems to be so many of them....

Amy Adams
Love this one. The color is perfect for her. Sparkly, but classy. More emeralds. Genius.

Cate Blanchett
Although this is somewhat of an odd outfit, I love it on her. The embellishments are unique, but used sparingly. It's surprising and different, but not wacky. Here's a closer look at the top.

Michelle Williams
She is so fresh-faced and beautiful (not just anyone can pull off that haircut), but this dress is thoroughly underwhelming. The dress is sparkly and a great color, but the neckline isn't doing her any favors. It's too much material for such a petite frame.

Scarlett Johansson
Same for her. Scarlett is typically just a volumptuous curve machine - in a good way.  But this cut is just hiding all of her genetic gifts we'd all kill for. Also, I'm not sure if the Academy Awards is quite the place for sheer lace...

Honestly, I'm disappointed that there weren't more atrocious dresses. I love the fashion police game, and this year there were just none that offended me that much. Maybe it's a new me. Probably not.

What did you think of the Oscars last night, anything stand out to you?


  1. Um, you are totally right!!! Not only do great minds think alike...but they also have amazing taste:)

    But on a serious note...didn't Celine effing nail it with that number. She looked flawless. And wait a minute, she had twins just a few months ago. Come on now girl, your making me look bad:)

  2. I totally agree with every dress you picked!!!! And seriously, wasn't the awards show just a little BLAH this year?! I remember last year having that wonderful opening dance number and this year was almost low budget (as 'low budget' can get for Hollywood). We've resorted to projecting images on the screen. While pretty, it's not the same effect as live performances.

  3. I hate Gweneth too - Mila Kunis was my favorite and Jennifer Hudson too. But she's almost too thin now? I dunno, I think a cheeseburger could help. James Franco is still a babe, but the hosts were very bleh.


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