Feb 25, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

HAI. It's finally Friday! I've had a freaking long week. When things are slow at the office, things are slow in my brain. I'm thrilled to be counting down the hours until total freedom time. My parents are in DFW this weekend visiting the little nugget at college and I'm psyched for a little family time. Typically family time is a recipe for diet disaster for me, but I'm going to try to turn over a new leaf this weekend. You'll notice lots of food/dieting stories in the newsflash this week, you can tell what I've been thinking about this week!

1. Bieber baby cut his hair!! The unthinkable has happened: Justin Bieber has received a haircut, and he definitely looks different. Apparently he just woke up one day and wanted to mix things up. Although he's certainly entitled, there's no way it was that spontaneous. I'm sure he has like three people whose full time job is to manage his coif. What I really want to know about is the person who got to give the famed haircut. Questions I have...Did he have an appointment or just waltz into the place? Did the person ask if this was a trick? Were they nervous? Was the stylist carefully selected or just some college dropout working at SportClips? Did the person save a few hairs in their pocket? I wish that person would have been me. Even though he's donating the locks to an animal welfare charity (go bid on them), a lot of people in the Tweet-verse are PISSED. Here's a favorite:

As for my reaction? I miss his lustrous locks. I kind of think this new look makes him look like a pinhead, which only reminds me how young he is - a thought I'm trying to push out of my mind.

2. There's an epidemic of fat pets. This country is apparently having a BIG problem with overweight pets. The problem has reached epidemic proportions, with half of American pets being overweight and 20% obese. The owners are completely to blame - a dog can't overfeed and not walk itself, you know. I'm very sensitive to this story, as the vet recently told me that the Prince needed to lose some weight. Granted, he only needs to lose 1.5 lbs, but his news sent me into a complete guilt spiral. Since we received this news he's gotten about 25% less food and more play time - and I think it's working. So, if you have a pet, be nice and keep them healthy!

3. Madonna's daughter (full name: Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon - ridiculous. ) has blogged about her New Years' Resolutions and they are giggle-tastic (also, remind me alot of myself). Here are a few, with my thoughts in purple:
--Eat more cheese...good woman
--Own more Alexander Mc.Queen...famous person thing to say
--Get a nose ring...done, got one!  
--Dye my hair blue at some point...'at some point' - wha?  
--Not fail math (integrated Algebra 1. Yeah guys im so damn smart but not really at all)... oh yeah, she's actually just a kid  
--Not zone out when people talk to me and be like ”what?” at the end of a convo... isn't that so oddly honest
--Stop wearing only black nail polish...my recommendations: hunter green and navy blue  
--Be more brave and less stupid with fashion choices...more brave? - give me a break  
--Work harder in dance...ditto, every day 
--Learn to develop a filter while speaking to someone I’m not particularly fond of and/or have just met....sing it little sister  
--Listen to more show tunes...does Glee count?

Anyway, not only is she shockingly normal, she's a cheese lover. I think I need to become the Lo Bosworth-like sidekick on her inevitable reality show.

4. The hip new thing is to pour vodka in your eyeball? I came across this story this week and was SHOCKED. Apparently a hot new trend, called "Vodka Eyeballing",  with the kids these days is to pour vodka into your eyeball to get drunk quicker!  This can cause irreversible damage to the eye and possibly blindness - DUH! I cannot fathom that the speediness is worth pouring chemical into your eye. I despise vodka, even going into my mouth it feels like something that belongs under the kitchen sink. Last time I checked, shots of it work plenty fast. I can't decide if this story is too disturbing to laugh at - probably not, who am I kidding? Have any of you heard of this ludicrousness?
(Thanks to blog friend Tiffany who Tweeted this crazy story this week!)

5. Quote of the week:
“I f--ked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth.” -- George Clooney to Newsweek on why he can never be president of the United States
Wow. Candid, but so ridiculously crude. This quote kind of breaks my heart because my sweet Clooney is usually the picture of class and grace - or at least in my mind he is. On the other hand, the thought of a fast-moving, partying, gallivanting, young George Clooney really excites me.

6. McDonald's food = muffin tops. McDonald's seems to be trying to be healthier. Frankly the place has disgusted me for years. But, recently I saw a commercial for their new oatmeal, which they market as "a bowl of wholesome," and I thought to myself that it may be worth a try. I'm all for finding a healthy thing that I can get on the go. But, come to find out, the thing has "more sugar than a Snickers bar and only 10 fewer calories than a McDonald's cheeseburger or Egg McMuffin." Darn. I really intended to give it a fair shake. I guess I'm just telling you what we all already know: McDonalds is pure nutritional evil. Just, FYI.

7. Breast Milk ice cream cones exist. A specialty ice cream shop in London is selling $23 ice cream cones made of human breast milk. Yes, you read that right, milk from a human boob. The flavor is called "Baby Gaga." Interesting. Lactating women get paid to donate their milk to the shop. It's supposedly very healthy. It's not every day that you can find truly organic, extremely fresh, free-range dairy products. Oddly, I'm really not disgusted, I kind of want to try it. Additionally, I wouldn't mind selling my own booby baby food for an extra buck. I hear breastfeeding also burns copious calories. Sign me up!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! My plan is to be get my work out on like it's going out of style. T-minus one week until the first event in a long few months of weddings. Watch out world, I'm going to photograph well this Spring and you can't stop me! 

PS: If you feel like you might want to throw this button on your blog and scratch my little bloggy back, I'll return the favor...feel free :)


Heart you.


  1. Stupid McDonald's. I'm actually not surprised about that oatmeal. The only healthy thing there is the nonfat/sugar free lattes and the fruit and yogurt parfait. I hate that place. LOL at Madonna's daughter's blog. Ah, young stars.


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