Feb 18, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday friends!  For some reason, this week creeped by at a glacial pace for me. Did yours? Today, I'm MEGA sore from a hard week back at bootcamp. It feels good to be back in my regimen, but I think it's going to feel even better to spend some hours this weekend on the couch. I'm trying to be pretty serious about this whole "trim myself to not look like a fat lard at weddings" thing, but at the end of the week, it's hard to feel anything but exhausted. Anyway, I'm thrilled for a brand new weekend!

1. There's a girl with 12 fingers and 14 toes! A 16-month old girl, named Le Yati Min, in Myanmar, has the most fingers and toes in the world!
She has the current world record holder, with 12 fingers and 13 toes, beat by just a single digit! Her family is now seeking a Guinness World Record to make it official. Her poverty-stricken family has no plans to have the extra digits removed because "she seems to have a stronger grip on things — so she doesn't drop things much." I probably wouldn't have those dudes removed either. She's been diagnosed with Polydactylism (doesn't that sound like a dinosaur?), which means that the extra digits do not harm her in anyway. I think it would be fun to have all those extras. You could wear more sparkly rings and juggle more stuff! Do you think she pays the same price for a mani-pedi? What will she do if she ever needs gloves? Either way, she's precious.

2. Last night Britney Spears released the video for her new single, Hold it Against Me. For your viewing pleasure (kind of):

Thoughts? Reactions? It's clear that Ms. Spears' is looking better than she has before, but I think it's pretty clear at this point that the golden days of "Britney Spears, Dance Machine", are behind us. I do like the track, it's catchy, and very Britney, but come on. I find the fast-changing scenes and camera angles bouncing around a cheap trick to distract from her not dancing.There are even rumors that MTV distorted the thing for it's debut last night to make her look thinner. Remember this from back in the day? Sad.

3. There might be a new planet right here in our very solar system! Astrophysicists believe that there is a giant new planet, that we've never seen before, smack dab in the middle of our solar system!! The new planet, named Tyche, is supposedly FOUR times larger than Jupiter and even has its own rings and moons orbiting it! WHAT?!?! This mega-beast has been hiding in the Oort cloud, an asteroid cluster that forms the boundaries of our system. I cannot fathom how a giant like that is just chillin in our planetary neighborhood and we are just now finding out! Space honestly blows my mind.

4. Quote of the Week:
"My fantasy is to have Keeping Up With Kardashians, Season 26…Who knew it would be this profitable? I should have had more kids." -- Kris Jenner to The Hollywood Reporter
Why hasn't anyone called her a stage mom yet? I'm doing it, officially, right now. This quote is a little bit cra-cra. Can you imagine Season 26 of that show? Not a single part of Bruce's body will be real. Kim will be a grandmother. Little Mason Disik will have already been on Celebrity Rehab...twice. Admittedly, that Kris Jenner knows a thing or two about keeping her brand relevant, props for that...I guess. I do love me some Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but come on.

5. Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammys in a weird egg thing. I guess this isn't any real news , per se, but this is one of the weirder things I can think of her doing. She walked the red carpet inside this:
What the hell? Also, she supposedly incubated in that thing for several hours before arriving. What the double hell? That Gaga, what will she think of next?

6. Ramona Singer now has her own Pinot Grigio. Real Housewife of New York, Ramona "Crazy Eyes" Singer has added her own wine to her ever-growing product line. Throughout the seasons she's become famous for her love of addiction to the white wine, so now, why not make a buck off of it? I love this, I really do. I like that she's just shamelessly endorsing a product that's as shameless as her reality T.V. personality. It's about time one of these housewives gets real. Skincare, jewelry lines, self help books - who cares? We like those people because they're drunk on T.V., and I like Ramona for owning it. Buy some here.

Go out and enjoy your days off! Just the other day Manfriend and I were discussing how dumb it is that only two of the seven days of the week are usually worth looking forward to. So, make those two the best they can be! Heart you.


  1. Couldn't agree more on the Brit Brit. The product placement is tacky and I really miss the Slave4U days. Boo.

    WTH? on the planet thing. If that just popped up, what else is out there? Cra-zy.

  2. Did you hear about the potential 1200 new planets?? Says 54 of these 1200 are in the "hospitable zone." Check it out: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/SciTech/20110202/nasa-planets-110202/

    Happy Friday!!

  3. Um, the whole 12 toes and 14 fingers kind of freak me out...I couldn't even look at the picture to count them.

    And I love me some BSpears...but was a tad disappointed with her video...and sure am hoping that maybe she just needs a little more practice and she'll be dancing like the Brittney of old, I hope.

    Happy Weekend!


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