Feb 15, 2011

Dear Diet, I need you.

Hello blog friends, I'm coming to you for help. I'm on a quest for a diet plan.

With traveling, snow days, sickness and Valentine's-related lethargy, I'm in desperate need of a shape up. Also, I have a monstrous wedding season fast approaching. Seriously, I'm looking at around 10 events in the next couple of months. So, it may be a little late to be starting this, but I've got to slim down - kind of quickly.

I'm starting a new boot camp session today, so that will be a big help. Also, the weather is finally cooperating, so there will be more jogs with the Prince in coming weeks (or so I plan). These are good things, but I think I need more.

So, I'd like to add a diet component. I'm not looking for something totally crazy, I just need a realistic plan that's easy-ish to stick to. I've tried a general "healthy eating" campaign before, and had some success, but in this case I think I need something written down.  Now, let me tell you, there are a few things that are non-negotiable. Small dark chocolate nuggets here and there, daily black coffee, and a moderate amount of adult beverages with friends on the weekend are on that list. I'm not looking to eliminate all fun from my life, just cut things out where I can.

Also, I think I'm going to start measuring progress by inches. In the past I've tried to do pounds, but my exercise regime includes a considerable resistance/weight lifting component. I've found that my weight fluctuates in the wrong direction when I'm getting fitter. Any experience measuring inches?

So, trusted blog friends, I know you've been in a boat like this before. Any ideas? I hear good things about Weight Watchers (although, lets face it, I'm not going to any meetings), South Beach, The Paleo Diet, etc....Some of you brides must have some insider advice. What's worked for you? What doesn't work? Do you know any tricks?

But really though, Help!


  1. You can try weight watchers online. My mom tried it, and you don't have to go to any meetings, but you can use the online resources, and calculate your points online. I don't think it costs as much as going to meetings either.

    As for adult beverages, try mixing vodka or rum with crystal light. It's delish!

  2. Weight Watchers is by far the most balanced, non-restrictive, realistic plan I've found. It makes things super duper easy and the pounds literally fall off.

    Check out my post a week ago for a WW discount coupon... totally worth it.


    At only $7/week it's amazingly affordable. I do have to tell you that the meetings are the best thing you can do. Weigh-in accountability and all. I lost twice as much when I went to the meetings and weighed in. :)

    Let us know what you decide!!

  3. Another vote for weight watchers. I've just started using ww online and I lost 2 kgs in the first week. Yay me!

  4. I used weight watchers for about 5 months last year, saved a lot of recipes, and now just follow the plan on my own. I am very purposeful when I go grocery shopping, sticking to my list strictly. I try to eat raw fruits as snacks, but if I'm a bit hungrier I'll eat a few nuts for protein. Other than that, I don't drink sodas, but I stopped doing that about 3 years ago... good luck! You can do it :)

  5. I'm going to second (or third, or fourth) WW. I love the iPhone app (which I know you just got one, right?) and I have had great success with it. I just do it online and with the app. I don't go to meetings. You need to do a bit of self-educating that way, but it makes sense and you will get used to it and you'll be able to guess how many points are in different foods without getting on the app. You can do it, whatever you decide! And btw, that "Dieting sucks, give me a cupcake." should be my motto. My mantra is that I'm allowed cupcakes whenever I want (which is rare because I only eat the best cupcakes). I'm all about not restricting myself and WW totally allows my need for an occasional cupcake!

  6. Hey Casey!

    Youve been off to a great start at camp and I thought I would drop in and post my opinion on this as well. I love everyone's idea of WW, I think its a great product. Make sure whatever you are eating is full of good calories and not "empty" calories. Empty calories does nothing for our metabolisms and keeps it in a constant roller coaster throughout the day day. My personal opionion on diets is to find something that works for YOU! Find some good healthy choices that you enjoy and stick with them. Because lets face it, I can put you on whatever diet I choose for you and if you dont enjoy eating it, your not going to stick with it.

    Everything needs to be in moderation and in portions proportional to your weight loss needs and goals. Casey, for you, your not preparing for a marathon or some insane Iron man race. You simply want to get in better shape and look better for this upcoming season. Stick with your chicken, fish, and lean ground beef if you want. As a rule of thumb you can always count on dark foods as being better for you (i.e. sweet potatoes, whole weat pasta, whole weat bread, and all you varieties of nuts and grains ect..) If you drink, drink smart. Stay away from beer and have your mixed drinks with a low cal juice or even water if you must. Have yourself a few snacks throughout the day, some healthy bars or fruit to keep your metabolism and fire burning. The more the better! Veggies are always a must to any diet and you can pick and choose as you please with this. Breakfast is SUPER important! Get that fire goin as soon as you can to begin burning calories. Our bodies are machines and dont get running until we feed it.

    As always, push yourself working out and as long as you are always consciously thinking about what you are eating and working hard you will see results. Its all up to YOU though, the less alcohol and bad food the better. This is all very very basic information and simply a guideline! We can talk specifics shortly.

    See you soon !


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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