Feb 14, 2011

Celebrations Galore!

Happy Valentine's Day all! Today is heart day and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Even sans boyfriend, I love the holiday. I like the hearts, pink things, cuteness and loveliness of the day. I do have an amazing boyfriend to share it with this year, but I think I'd be in a happy mood if I were alone! Nonetheless, I'm in a great mood!

I'm craving a throwback, elementrary-school-style Valentine's day party. I love that every kid brought Valentines for everyone else. I wish adults used this day to love everyone too. So, to get in the spirit, I made treats for all my co-workers! I love baking treats for them on normal days, but when I can sprinkle/sparkle/bedazzle the items for added festiveness, it's just that much better for me. I highly recommend both of these:

Chocolate Sugar Cookies
 My sweet, sweet angel Martha Stewart (of course) turned me on to these. They came out a tad bit dry, but nothing a little milk can't fix. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels
I actually learned this recipe from one of my favorite friends. She and her mom make these treats at Christmas time and I just modified for heart day! All you do is melt vanilla almond bark coating (found at any grocery store) coat the pretzels, tap off any excess, sprinkle as desired and set the bark in the freezer. Voila! These are some of my faves.

All my friends are gobbling them up, so I think they're a success!

As for the other reason to celebrate the day...

It's the Prince's birthday!
My little sweet poodle angel was born on this day three whole years ago! I've always called him my little "love puppy" for being born on Heart Day! As you're probably keenly aware of at this point, this little man is my best friend, roommate, and generally most trusted confidante. He's been with me through big life changes, and I rely on him for companionship probably more than is healthy. Here's a look at him the night I picked him up:

And a photo of him this morning:

Yes, he's undergone a pretty dramatic color change. Now he's more of a silver fox than black stallion. Interestingly, he's laying on the very same bed - and spilling out of it! We call that bed his "girlfriend," so today they're probably sharing some romantic whispers. He's one romantic poodle.

He was feeling extra lazy this morning. Hey, it's his birthday he's allowed. He was waiting in his house for his morning treat. Today he got an extra treat and a dollop of peanut butter - special birthday and V-day treatment.

In dog years, it's his 21st birthday. Manfriend seems pretty committed to letting him sample a boozy beverage tonight. I'm pretty against boozing up a 13-lb dog. But, at this point, the Prince must be dying to find out what this "wine" is all about...

Anyway, it's a great day, I'm full of sparkles and love. To both my boys:

I hope your Monday and Valentine's Day are amazing so far!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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