Jan 24, 2011

Spotted: One Poodleist glued to her couch in complete awe

Yes, yes, its true. Tonight, GOSSIP GIRL IS BACK! This pretty much describes exactly how I feel:

When we left, our friends on the Upper Eastside were in complete disarray (of course)...

Serena can't choose a man.

Juliet's psycho-ness is finally explained.

Lily is in the dog house with pretty much everyone.

Little J has been banished back to "upstate"

Chuck is hunting down the cray-cray that is Jack Bass.

Dan and Nate are in a serious bromance.

So, pretty much all is in order with the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. One thing I'm grateful for is the possible permanent exit of Little J. I found this convenient graphic to depict her downward spiral:

 It's like her eyeshadow is visible slut-o-meter right on her face. It might just be...

Anyway, I'm stinking excited. What a perfect way to get my week rolling right. Will you be watching?


  1. Love Gossip Girl! So excited it's back. I agree, little Jenny has gone down hill. I so want to do something with her hair...it drives me nuts!

  2. I just finished the 3rd season tonight and can't wait to start the 4th season! I'm obsessed with the show!


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