Jan 5, 2011

Sandra Lee has my dream life

For real though. Earlier this week her boyfriend, Andrew Cuomo, was sworn in as New York's governor.  So now, not only is she a domestic badass, she's the pseudo First Lady of the Empire state!! She even got to hold the swear-in bible:


 Here are all the reasons I want to BE her:

1. Being a political girlfriend might be a better gig than being a political wife. 
First of all, they tend to be hot. Irony. Second of all, they don't get cheated on. Political wives have to put up with a lot of B.S. Even the great ones, Jackie O. and Elizabeth Edwards, have scoundrel husbands. If this Cuomo dude effs her over (like the last 2 New York governors did to their wives), she can just bounce. Later alligator.  But he probably won't, she's Sandra Lee.
Strange sidenote: Cuomo has three daughters with his ex-wife. The ex is the daughter of Robert Kennedy. So now, Sandra is  the cool, famous stepmom to actual American royalty. She even brings them on her show. More jealous.

2. She gets to bop around the governor's mansion anytime she feels like it. 

3. She is a godsend to lazy home-makers everywhere.
I'm talking about me. Laziness aside, she has a pretty modern take on the traditional cooking show. If you're not aware, her Food Network shows are the ones designed for the poor and inept cooks.They're called Money Saving Meals and Semi-Homemade Cooking. Genius. She'll teach you how to cook on a budget, with limited time and with limited skills. Oh, and she includes a boozy drink to accompany every meal. Also, they re-decorate her kitchen based on what she's cooking. Amazing. Take a look at Halloween day on her set:

Yes, she's also dressed as cone-boob Madonna. Complete badass.

4. She is a total rags-to-riches tale.
She grew up super poor and was forced to care for her four younger siblings. They relied on welfare and food stamps to make it. (Read full bio here.) That's how she learned her way around the kitchen on a budget. She now has multiple best-selling books, T.V. shows, product lines and an awesome boyfriend. On top of it all, she's charitable. She's recently worked to raise money for the New York food bank and will not take any state money for her security detail or transportation. Saint.

5. She invented a word in our modern-day lexicon: TABLESCAPES.
While, I'm not sure where I shakedown on the merit of tablescaping, I'm impressed she made up her own thing. And, actually invented something new for the Food Network. I aspire to include tablescaping into a meal someday. Currently I just eat off of the coffee table while I watch Jerseylicious. I'm sure she has helpers, but her designs are really pretty impressive. See a slide show of some of her best work here. These are my favorite (and are totally ridiculous):
It's like she broke into my brain and stole my dream table out of it.

It wouldn't be complete without an aerial floral touch. Duh.

Anyway, Sandra Lee is dreams. I'm jealous of her bigtime. In my next like I think I will be her.


  1. Loved your post!
    Sandra's Tablescapes are amazing and I love the way they decorate the kitchen based on the theme of her show! I used to be a faithful follower of her show but lately it seems like I do not have the time to watch. Oh, maybe if I would step away from the computer I would have more time!


  2. Dream girl is also responsible for the only known recipe for a Kwanzaa cake.


  3. You just convinced me that I seriously need to watch her shows on the Food Network. Cheap and inept at cooking completely describes me!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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