Jan 11, 2011

Random Twilight notes on a glorious Tuesday

Just in case anyone forgot, I'm totally obsessed with Twilight. I turn into a squealing tween for alll things Twilight - especially my sweet, sweet Edward. So, I've run into a couple miscellaneous Twi-hard tidbits that have me really excited:

1. This is real:

This woman said: “There are still a few bits to do. I am going to get my arms done before my 50th birthday in summer. I love Robert Pattinson. I want to tone up so I can get his character Edward Cullen on my stomach.” Holy what? I'm baffled that this isn't complete yet. My personal favorite part is that there are three Edwards and only one Jacob on it. At least she's got something right in this situation...

(As a preface, this quote is from a hilarious blog called Clients from Hell. Various creative design freelancers submit their most ridiculous stories of stupid, un-saavy, inept clients. The blog is sort of about my industry, and it seriously cracks me up every time I read it. It's worth a trip.) Here it is:
"Build me a website that looks like Edward Cullen from Twilight. I don’t care about that half-human chick he has a thing for; I just want to see him, but in the form of a website. Can you do this?"

Bahahaha. This person  is using Edward Cullen as his/her point of reference as complete perfection for this website. I don't think this is going to be a site about Edward, but rather, as flawless as Edward. While, this is ridiculously, amazingly stupid...it's really not a bad standard to set. I think from now, on my goal will be to make everything I'm shopping for, working on, or even in contact with, Edward-level perfect. Some examples: "I must select the perfect avocado. I want it to look like Edward Cullen, but only in the form of an avocado." or "The Prince needs a haircut. I want him to look like Edward Cullen in the form of a neatly groomed mini poodle." I think I like this...

Anyway, I'm in a great mood today. With these little Twilight nuggets of greatness, the news of the iPhone, and fun plans for tonight, I'm on top of the world. Try to bring me down, I DARE YOU.


  1. I saw that tattoo.. pretty crazy.
    I love the Edward quote. I'm browsing around that website now and loving it.

  2. YESSS!! my friend Alex showed me this the other day and we both were baffled by this woman's insanity.

    I saw you post that site on facebook the other day and seriously laughed at some of the demands people made... ridiculous!

  3. I am the Alex in the above comment haha. I almost died when I saw the Twilight tattoo. Girlfriend seriously has some issues!


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