Jan 6, 2011

My children will never go to Blockbuster?

Today I came across this super interesting article. It's all about all the items that babies born this year will never experience - items that, in their childhood, will become obsolete. There was a whole fascinating list, but these are the ones that stood out to me...

Wired phones
Remember when you finally were allowed to answer the phone and RAN to be the first to catch it every time? Or remember talking late at night to your middle school crush about stupid crap and it being the "most intense conversation of your life"? I sure do. My parents still have a wired phone (It's just like that Mickey Mouse one at left - not even a cordless) in their kitchen. Whenever I call, I somehow always imaging they're sitting by it or my mom has it stretched across the kitchen at the stove. I like that I probably always will. 

Video tape and movie rental stores
Remember the hellacious sound a video tape would make if it was stuck in the VCR? The sound of the thing trying to spit out the plastic casing and all the tape getting dragged out inside the machine - that sound is terrible to me. I may never hear it again. Weird.

Book research in general will be totally gone. It's sort of already out, but I distinctly remember my elementary school classes having an A-Z set of World Books in every room. Also, to accompany that research, was a thing called a "Bibliography." I bet you haven't thought that word in a while. Thank god for the internet.

Film cameras
Every time you went to Walgreen's to pick up your photo prints there were negatives inside. Negatives?!? In high school I knew how to process film in a darkroom, and was actually kind of good at it. It's an expensive hobby that I've sort of let fall by the way side and I'm sort of mad at myself about it now.

I like the idea of displaying your music collection in your house for visitors to check out. I think it's an interesting conversation piece and great way to make judgments (good and bad) about people. But, isn't a scratched (ruined) CD a total bitch? I actually still listen to them in my car and it's a major pain.

My daughters will never know the pure joy of receiving a monthly American Girl (or whatever) catalog in the mail. The catalog was like 80% the same stuff every month, and every month I read the thing cover to cover.  Also, what is L.L. Bean going to do?

Boo for the future. There actually are a lot of exciting things, but it's a little sad. Maybe I'll just be that annoying mom who tells stories about the "good old days" way too often. Planning to torture my unborn children with tales of antiquated technologies sounds like the perfect solution...


  1. Not only film cameras, but DISPOSABLE film cameras. Which I'm convinced my parents forced me to use as a discipline tool, reminding me that I wasn't responsible enough for a real camera.

    Now, after destroying 5 or 6 digital ones every year for the past 5 years, I'm pretty sure they were right. balls. love, bubble cath

  2. Wait...catalogs are going to be dunzo...say it ain't so!!!!

  3. This post just made me nostalgic for my childhood. Oh, the good ole day right? Scary to think about ...but our kids may be reading their first books on a kindle or nook...ah!

  4. Catalogs are becoming obsolete? That's truly hard to believe. I receive about 5 different ones each month (most that I don't want).

  5. Thats a little sad. Even when I'm old and grey I think I'd still love browsing around the video store.

  6. I miss catalogs!!!! It is strange to think that Encyclopedia's will be obsolete. I used to love going to the library and researching. (I know, I'm a nerd)

  7. I never really thought that all these things would be gone by the time I have kids. What a shame they won't get to see all the things I grew up with.

  8. I read this same article! Did you see the part about kids not wearing a watch because they will always have their phones? I love my watch! I can't imagine not wearing it everyday!



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