Jan 5, 2011

Kathy Lee and Hoda - maybe not so terrible

These two jokesters from the Today show' 4th hour used to really bother me. Usually drunken floozies on television don't offend me. Nay, often those I seek for television entertainment. But, for some reason, these two just really grate my cheese. UNTIL NOW.

The genius brain juices between their ears have coined the term "Winesday". It means Wednesday, but it's the day they drink wine, rather than (insertfruit)-tinis on their show...

They also have a Tuesday "Boozeday." Now, this is some weekday morning programming I can get behind. I could have jumped the gun on judgment of these two. This kind of frivolity is just what I needed on a hump day when I'm tired and a little crabby. I never thought I'd have Kathy Lee to thank. I guess miracles happen every day.

We all know what I'll be up to after work....I have a date with my old buddy Cabernet. It is Winesday after all.


  1. I'm totally with you on these two. They used to annoy the crap out of me, but for some reason while I was home on vacation and actually watched the 80 millionth hour of the Today show, I decided they were actually pretty amusing. Day drinking? Yes, please!

  2. Omg... totally awesome! From one wino to another... thank you!

  3. Oh thank you for posting this so I don't feel so ashamed in my closet love of Hoda and Kathie Lee!

  4. It's amazing how opinionated Kathie Lee is about the new TV show SKINS.
    I guess she and Hoda have never given any thought to how having wine in the morning sets a great example for those fist time Mom's that are home alone with a newborn for the first time. Maybe, a glass of wine at 9am will help take the edge off. Hell, maybe 2 glassed of wine will make it easier to bare the responsibility and get through my day. Everyone likes to feel rightous and speak their mind but you should not go snooping into other peoples closets until you clean your own first. The new show SKINS offers to parents the opportunity to discuss the current issues our children deal with everyday. Yes, it might be a little over the top but check out the current statistics on drug and alcohol use by teenagers in the county. An how about the teen birth rate...oh waite a new teen mom can always buy a big bottle of wine to get through the day. Who knew?


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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