Jan 10, 2011

Honesty - it's not just a celebrity baby name

Hello again! It's still Monday, and I'm still struggling. Luckily, a happy, sunshiney, fabulous thing has happened to lighten my mood! Sweet Caroline (ba - ba - ba) over at A life of color has given me a super magical (and greatly appreciated) blog award! Yippee! I love getting these. Sometimes we all just need a little pat on the head to get through the day. Blog awards are my pat. It shows me that someone is out there reading this and they think I'm worth a damn. THANKS!

So here's the deal: this award is all about commending honest, no-BS blogging. I take it as an amazing compliment. And, it's extremely ironic. Just this very day I got in a little tiff with a co-worker who called me out on speaking my mind all the time. He meant no harm, but it has me thinking about honesty and how much is too much when it comes to tellin' it like it is - something I have a reputation for doing. Nonetheless, here are my few things that I'm going to come clean about since we're all telling the truth today:
  • Sometimes I Facebook stalk people I hate. I don't do it for any reason at all, just to be a nasty B. Bad habit.
  • Today, I had a healthy pack of Kashi oatmeal for breakfast. Then, just because it felt a little too healthy of me, I washed it down with two giant spoonfuls of Nutella.
  • Sometimes I tell the Prince all my deepest, darkest secrets. Actually, I do that all the time. He and I can get into some pretty serious talks.
  • At times, I just want to be skinny for the compliments.
  • Everyone I know is getting married. Sometimes I get jealous, but mostly of the pretty dresses. Oh, and the attention and gifts.
  • Sometimes people in my office make smelly fish lunches. The smell makes me want to go barf all over their desks. 
  • I honestly hate nothing more than parking spots reserved for pregnant people.
  • Getting called out for possible personality flaws is actually a little refreshing.
  • I steal some girl's James Avery catalog every month. I don't even like James Avery. It feels sneaky and dangerous.
  • If I had my way, I'd bake, paint my nails and raise poodles every day for the rest of my life. Career girl be damned. That's just all I want to do. Something like this would be a start:

Well, that's about all the honesty I can manage for now - and it feels pretty good. If you're still reading this, please restore whatever semblance of coolness you might of thought I possessed before you read some of those things. Or don't, just keep coming to my blog. :)

Another thank you to Caroline at a life of color. Seriously, go over to her blog. It's cheery and she's one smart little cookie.  She probably doesn't steal things or eat chocolate butter from a spoon.



  1. Aw, damn! I had tuna for lunch today. Sorry! Please don't puke on my desk!

  2. This is fantastic! I am with you on so many levels, especially:

    smelly lunches - my assistant warms up salmon in the microwave and it reeks. I like salmon, but not microwaved salmon, and not fishy-smelly salmon. G-ross.

    Preggo parking spots - rad when I was preg, now, not so much. I have actually contemplated if I could get by with pooching out my belly so I could park there. I haven't actually done it, but I have given it some serious thought.

    Facebook stalking - self explanatory

    You totally deserve the Honest Scrap award! I love your blog b/c of it. :)

  3. I love facebook stalking girls from highschool-they all love to get pregnant and I find it funny. (awful I know)

    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog and on yours!! I am obviously a huge fan and love you honesty!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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