Dec 13, 2010

Royal wedding - I'm addicted.

Good Morning all! I'm coming to you from a very chipper place today. It's Monday,  yes I'm aware, but it's the LAST Monday I'll be working in 2010!!! I've just got to get through this week then I'm taking a nice, collegey break for the last two weeks of the year. Hip Hip Hooray!

So, is it just me, or is news about Prince William and Kate Middleton the most addictive thing since bald Britney? I just cannot get enough of  it. I think every girl just wants to be a princess deep down inside. I know I do. Today, they've released the engagement photos:

SWOON. Now, I love stalking people's engagement photos (Thanks, Facebook), but this just takes the cake. Both flawless. No awkward piggyback or kissing poses. Amen.

As I'm sitting here having princess dreams, I can't help but worry that my outfit of choice today (flannel shirt and ponytail) is decidedly un-princess-like. Even if I'm dressed like a lumberjack, can I still be a princess?

It is Monday after all. It shouldn't count...


  1. I'm more than a little obsessed with Kate. LOVE HER.

  2. I'm addicted too! I keep hearing about her wedding dress choices and designers and choices - so fun!! :)

  3. not only do all girls want to be princesses... but we all want an engagement ring as gorgeous as hers. It's the only thing I can look at in that first photo!

  4. I'm eagerly awating my invite to the wedding.
    Can't get enough of Wills/Kate!

  5. I was stalking those pictures as well!! Gorgeous!!!

  6. Agghhh gorgeous. The one thing I can think of that makes me feel better is that she will ALWAYS have to look that gorgeous. No wearing sweat pants for her.

  7. HAD to follow after a) reading that you dislike sushi as much as I do, b) that your friend is donating cans of food to the hungry, and c) that you're a royal wedding addict ... my kindred spirit!!!


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