Dec 17, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray for Friday! And the holidays! Today is my last day of work for 2010! Can I get an "AMEN" for that?!? I'm taking off the next 2 weeks to focus on Christmas elfing, visit family, relax and generally take a load off. I'm READY. Today has been productive, and I'm about of juice for 2010. This weekend I have a to-do list staring me square in the face.  No matter, it's all Christmasy tasks!

1. TIME announced Mark Zuckerberg as their "Person of the Year." He is undoubtedly highly influential and has left an indelible mark on the world...blah, blah, blah...but I'm honestly a little confused by naming him "Person of the Year." Facebook has had a good year, but they've been around for several. This feels oddly timed to me. Also, the portrait on the cover of the magazine is a little creepy-ish:

Doesn't it feel like those eyes are shooting lasers right through the screen at you? Laser eyes or not, I could never make it without Facebook. So thanks Mark, I appreciate ya.

2. Quote(s) of the week:
"Being on Dawson's Creek was kind of like being a mobster. You set up a shop selling pizza but in the back you're laundering money. You're doing one thing in plain sight and secretly plotting something else. I was plotting my tastes, my interests, my beliefs and hopes for what I could be." -- Michelle Williams
Sacrilege. Now I understand that everyone has goals, but come on. Dissing Dawson's Creek. How dare she? I would have been savoring every single moment of my time on that show...and around Pacey Witter.

"She is in love and I know she will have so many love songs to write straight from the heart for her new record." -- Joe Simpson re: Jessica's recent engagementt

The original stage dad himself, speaks on her romantic life. SHOCKER. But really, this is a strange quote. Shouldn't he be talking about how excited he is to walk her down the aisle? No, he's excited about her new record. He's a creepy dude.

3. The internet has been blessed with the Kardashians' Christmas card photo:

Does this make you feel like having a jolly holiday? I know it doesn't make me feel jolly whatsoever. Maybe I'm a Christmas purist, but why wouldn't they put anything Christmasy in the photo? Like, how about some smiles for god sakes? Who do they plan to send this thing to...the Mortitcia and Gomez Addams? Go here to see some HILARIOUS photos from Kardashian Christmases of the past. Beware, some include their real, un-surgeried faces.

4. Obama appointed Jon Bon Jovi to a White House Council. The rocker will serve on the council for Community Solutions. Now, I know he's a philanthropic guy, but White House, really? I hope Bon Jovi goes in there and does some great work, but I cannot get the image out of 1980's-era Bon Jovi prancing around the oval office in his leather pants and mega hair:

 Tee hee. 
5. Suri Cruise drinks Perrier.

 Of course she does. Perrier is like the most un-kid-like thing I can think of. We bourgeois people feed our kids milkshakes or apple juice when the pout. Oh and she's also wearing footie pajamas. The irony astounds me. I doubt Katie Holmes was raised on Perrier. Does anyone remember Joey Potter? (since we're on the topic today). Does Katie Holmes even remember Joey Potter?

6. They think they might have found a bone shard belonging to Amelia Earhart! WHOA! If you don't know the story, she attempted to fly around the world in 1937. (She would have been the first woman to do so). She disappeared somewhere along her route and, to this day, nobody knows what happened to her. The remains turned up earlier this year on an abandoned South Pacific island. This may be evidence that she lived as a castaway and eventually died. The site is a likely candidate because she would have had ample room to land a plane, and there is evidence that Westerners dwelled on it at some point. I did an elementary school report about Earhart and have loved the tale since then. I hope these are her bones.

7. Teen Mom Amber is pregnant again. Oh heavens. Apparently she's taken a pregnancy test and the morning sickness has started. She has "no idea" who the father could be because she's been with so many men in the last three months. She hopes the father is Gary, but he has some things to work out too. Now this is just getting sad. I started out loving the teen moms because of their tales of triumph, but being a serial baby maker is just not fair. I think I'm over Amber. Farrah has always bored me. Now I can give more love and attention to Maci and Catellyn. Oh and don't worry, the trailer for Teen Mom 2 is out. Needless to say, CAN'T. FREAKING. WAIT.

Hey, before you let blog time leave your brain, remember, my buddy Dillypoo is collecting cans for her local foodbank. All you have to do is go to her blog, leave a comment on any post and she'll buy a can and donate it. THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO. So do it.

So, that's all for now folks. I'm in full-on holiday mode - officially. I think I'm going to add to my to-do list to watch all the seasons of Dawson's Creek. Now that I have it on the brain


  1. That story about Amelia is fascinating!!

  2. I am behind the times, so bear with me!

    Kardash Christmas card = creepy, creepy, creepy. How random is the green fur on one of the little sisters? Who would want to get this card? Ridic.

    On Suri drinking Perrier - randomly enough, I am not shocked or surprised. She is Ava's fashion icon, so I hope she doesn't catch wind of this or she'll start ordering Perrier instead of regular water...

  3. I thought the Kardashians were trying to act like the Adams Family when I first saw the picture. O and I can't believe Lamar would do this, very disappointed.


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