Dec 3, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello all! Welcome to December! I'm a little behind today, but I'm excited to be back in the hang of my most favorite-est blog day of the week! I'm ready for a  very December-tastic weekend. I have lots of Christmasy things on the agenda: decorating, shopping, parties and fun! I also might have convinced Manfriend to take me to the ballet to see the Nutcracker! EEEEEE!!!

1. Anne Hathaway and James Franco are hosting the Oscars. They announced the 2 hosts this week and I find them very odd. Typically it's a comedian. I think both are fabulously talented, but they just make such a strange team to me. No matter, even if they both suck, eye candy all around. But mostly just James Franco. I bet he'll do weird stuff and she'll just be her adorable self. Go here for some funny predictions. Excited!

2. NASA found a new life form! On our very own little earth in California! This new bacteria, called GFAJ-1, is totally foreign to all other life as we know it because the building blocks of it's DNA are arsenic. Everything we know of so far is made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur. Arsenic is very poisonous and scientists hadn't considered searching for it as a sign of life. This changes everything. EVERYTHING. Sorry, If I'm nerding out on you too much, but I love me some space. I really do.

3. Tom Brady may be getting hair transplants. Shocker, I know. Lately the Patriots' Q.B. has been seen sporting some seriously lustrous locks. Hair like butter, I just want run my fingers through them (yes, maybe the hair isn't the only reason I want to touch him). He's also been spotted lately at a Rhode Island hair plug shop. Fine, I support everyone's right to keep their looks young, but come on. Hair plugs really effs with my dream of him being the ultimate manly sexy man in America. I wish he'd just leave that wife of his already and come knocking on my door. I'd take him bald...

4. Jill Zarin is getting into the girdle game. Soon, the delightful Mrs. Zarin will be releasing her own line of Spanx knockoffs. The line will consist of "shapewear" and leggings called Skweez Couture. Bahahahhaha. That sounds like the name of a teenage girl rapper to me. Anyway, I have some questions...Why is she doing this random thing? Why not design something people actually see on the streets? (A true reality T.V. star turned "designer" really should milk all that name branding for all its worth.) Furthermore, where the hell did the term "shapewear" come from? It's like using the term "flatulence" when you really just want to say FART. Disapprove of this whole thing...unless it really does muffin top magic.

5. Over 270 unseen Picasso pieces have turned up! All the works were previously unknown until recently when a French man revealed that he was in possession of them. The retired electrician had them sitting around and set out to get them appraised. It has been determined that the works are all authentic. Piccasso's son and estate are suing the man for stealing the goods. It remains to be seen whether or not they're actually stolen, but the collection includes all the classics: cubist collages, drawings, lithographs, notebooks and watercolor. This is so bizarre to me. Did this old dude just have a bunch of crap laying around in his garage and needed some extra cash? Or did he steal them and this is a truly masterful caper? I'm fascinated. I hope he's just an old coot trying to clean out his attic or something.

6. There are now Spanx for your arms! (How did I get 2 "shapewear" stories today...must be the turkey dinner on the brain..and hips.) HSN is now selling Ch'arms by Kathy Najimy. Remember her? Ch'arms is essentially a sausage casing for your upper body, but not boobs. It's confusing:

The point is to make your arms slimmer. I get that. But doesn't the boob pour-out effect end up making you look way more huge? This is just a dumb idea. But I guess the need exists. What will they think of next?

7. Pie Fries. FOODGASM. Dear blog friends, meet pie fries:

There isn't much news to report here, just that there is some genius person out there who wants me to be fatter. I can't decide if I love or hate him or her. I think love. I may need some Ch'arms after all.

Thanks for reading friends! Have a supercalifragilisticexpialedocious weekend!


  1. I hate TB's long hair. I would love to see him without it!

  2. Does anyone else see the double boob effect on the model in the gray t-shirt? How unfortunate.

  3. Too bad you don't live in NYC, bet Manfriend would enjoy this version of the Nutcracker more.

    I'm going Sat., I'll tell you how it is.

    Oh and fast food pie ALWAYS makes me think of you. :)


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