Dec 10, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

 Work this week (and I know next week will be too) has been absolute hell. Nothing bad has happened per se, but I'm alot busier than I'm comfortable with. Apologies for the blog slacking. I'm doing my best. The worst of it all is that it's Christmas time. I just want to be in elf mode, dammit. I'd begun my 2010 exit strategy, complete with shopping lists, blog plans, decorations, know, FUN things. But no, firestorms in my professional life have ensued.  Vent session over.

Short newsflash today, brain scrambling for extra energy in a major way...

1. Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling?!?! Supposedly these two are dating. Just what I need, a new celebrity couple to be obsessed with. This also gives me another reason to dream that I be born Serena Van Der Woodsen in my next life. I'm glad they've both found love, but I give this a grade of D- on my "celebrity probability for permanent mating" grading scale. Let's just face it, they're both two hot little commodities. Whatever happens, I'll be watching and judging their relationship intently, so thanks.

2. In case you didn't know, cigarettes are bad. According to the surgeon general, just ONE cigarette can permanently harm your DNA. A new report (the first one in four years) has come about about how bad smoking is for you. Apparently, cigarettes are made to be more harmful and addictive than they were decades ago. Also, limited exposure to even second-hand smoke can be pretty bad news for the body. Now, while I appreciate that they're getting the messages out there still, isn't this kind of research a teeny bit of a waste of money and time at this point? Honestly if people in 2010 are still smoking, they know it's bad for them. Those of us who aren't smoking are just more pissed off at people who smoke around us. Or at least I am. If you're smoking, stop it. Really.

3. Megan Fox has ugly pores. STARS! They're just like us! In my normal internet combing, I came across a fascinating little look at the magic fairy dust that is Photoshop. The blog took a look at the before and after pictures of Megan Fox at a recent even. Read the whole thing here, it's interesting.

I guess I'm just a nasty B for being so happy to see that she isn't flawless, but honestly, the flaws encourage me. Imperfect skin = human. I feel better about myself, which I never though Megan Fox would be responsible for.

4. Willow Smith + Bieber = total domination. These 2 little precious nuggets will be touring Europe together. Why in the BALLS wouldn't they come to America? I'd probably stand in line with tweens for tickets to that. I think it would be nice to go to a concert where I have the best boobs and am the most blemish-free (presumably, these days it's a crap shoot). Oh, and they'd also probably put on a pretty good show. I'm jealous of the Europeans...again.

5. Food dreams help you lose weight. A new study shows that imagining yourself eating foods makes you want to eat them less in real life. This is apparently some kind of psychological brain magic that they've discovered. Apparently your brain appetite can be semi satisfied by just thinking of yourself eating the food. You'll still eat the bad food, but supposedly much less of it. I hope this is true. I'm a classic over-thinking, visualizing, neurotic, general crazy person and this could be just the ticket out of muffin top jail for me. At this very moment, my brain waves are completely full of margaritas, cookies, cupcakes, fried chicken and bagel bites. I probably need to go get all these things and do a little science of my own here...

Happy Weekend! I'm working on sneaking out early today to do some Christmas shopping with my little nugget sister. Can't wait! Have a food dream-filled weekend! Or, just eat what you want, it's almost Christmas.

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