Dec 7, 2010

Christmas has arrived in my home and office!

Happy Holidays! I've FINALLY gotten my apartment and office tricked out for holiday time. (I also just had my first mini candy cane of the year. FOODGASM.) There isn't much to report, both spaces are pretty small and my holiday budget isn't focused on decor. Nonetheless, it finally feels like Christmas when you can enjoy the festivity in your spaces...

Here's my little spread in my apartment:

Small tree, stockings and garland are about it for the Prince and I. I don't have much storage or space for a tree, so this is about all I have room for, but I LOVE it. I started putting the tree on the table when the Prince was a mischievous little pup. He could probably handle it on the floor, but I've had nightmares about coming home and finding that he's lacerated all of his insides on ornament shards. Probably not worth it....

This is my balcony:

NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, around my apartment has decorated. I show this to perhaps convince some of my scrooge neighbors to get their act together. I actually have tons more lights that I could put up, but don't want to be too obnoxious. There are other balconies nearby and I'd hate for them to need sunglasses to go outside and get some fresh air. Really though, I want to Griswold that dude out. Maybe the week before I'll go nuts.

Here's my little office:

I went with lights and a small table-top thing this year. Last time around I was in a cube so I didn't have much of a theme. This time I decided to keep it sort of in the theme of the room which is lots of purple. It's hard to match Christmas and purple.

Shiny sparkly tree:

This is my favorite new addition of holidaytime 2010. It's sparkly and has balls. Lots of balls.

I'm feeling cheery and delightful! I hope you are too!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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