Dec 30, 2010

Battlestar Galactica - don't you dare judge me.

Happy Thursday! Today I've got to wave my freak flag for just a sec. Hell, if a girl can't do it on a personal blog in the company of relative internet strangers, where can she?

Lately I've been totally consumed with a new (although it isn't exactly new, but new to me) television show. I'm talking about the genius that is Battlestar Galactica.

Yes, I mean the holy grail of nerd television. The favorite of Dwight K. Schrute. I started watching it  on my lunch breaks with my work friends. I was hesitant. They've convinced me to watch some nerdy things, and hadn't led me astray, but this seemed like a new level. It only took a few episodes for me to become totally addicted, and maybe a couple shots of these:

But, honestly (and I can't believe I'm saying this) I don't want to cheapen it with too much talk of mancandy. Hot beefy men aside, the show is pure creative genius. The premise is that a small amount of humans survived a mass genocide. They're now on the run (in space) from their cylon (robot-like machines) enemies. It's race to find a mythical place called, EARTH. Amazeballs. Honestly, anyone could enjoy it. If you're not into the space thing, there is romance, family drama, politics...everything. And character development galore. I happen to be into the space thing, so all the other stuff is just a bonus for me.

Anyway, I stayed up super late last night getting caught up (my friends have been watching at work while I'm on vacay). Just like always, the end of the season I finished last night was a complete and total mindF and I tossed and turned wanting to gab about it with someone. I was a little embarrassed that I'd stayed up until 3 a.m. in my bed glued to the laptop screen (all the seasons stream from, but starting today I'm not embarrassed. Now, I just want to spread the BSG gospel. I'm starting with you, blog friends.

Seriously, watch it. I'm completely additcted. Me sharing this with you is almost totally selfish, I want more people to talk about it with. Please? Ok thanks.


  1. So I just started watching the first season of BSG and am totally hooked. It's amazing, and then throw in leigh what's not to love.

  2. I haven't ever watched this show... but it kind of sounds like the Matrix... is it? I'm a (not-so-closeted) Star Trek/Star Wars fan so I'm down with the nerdy television shows :)


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