Nov 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankfullness

Happy Turkey Day friends! There's nothing like a pie-head pup to make me smile:
I'm high on life this morning:
  • Manfriend, nugget, my mom and I ran a Turkey Trot 5K this morning! I'm proud of us all for getting our little pie-eating butts out of bed and earning our Turkey. It felt good not to be totally immobile today, which is my normal thing. 
  • The TURKEY is in the oven and it smells glorious:
  • All FOUR pies (pumpkin, chocolate, cherry and pecan) are made. My sweetie mom prepared for everyone to get their favorite. I honestly don't know which one my fave will be. Mmmmmm Cherry....
  • The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is on! Love, love the parade. A few years ago I got to see it with my own little eyes and it was amazing. Football is next on the list...I'm not as wild about it as the parade, but it feels festive.
  • Nugget is standing over the stove working on the stuffing: 
  • It's a holiday and the Prince and I are in relaxation mode to the max. Well, actually he's playing like a crazy man with this BFF Wilson:

I'm thankful for so many things year. My wonderful family, manfriend, the Prince, my health and just all the other small blessings I get to enjoy in life....So, to discuss a few of those, I'm doing this fun linkup:
Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks
a: Almonds. I eat them all the time. Healthy snack, but still tasty.
b: Bootcamp. I need it.
c: Chocolatey treats and cupcakes. Look at this has a Thanksgiving dinner on top:
d: Daddy: best. dude. ever.
e: Eating lunch with my work buddies. We watch T.V. shows and are best friends
f: Friends! I am lucky to have some amazing pals near and far. Miss you all!
g: Going on dates with manfriend. He's pretty good about taking me to fun places and treating me.
h: Health. I have the occasional snafu, but I'm lucky to be pretty close to in one piece.
i: Iced tea. My favorite is this kind:
j: Julie. That's my mom. She makes me pies and tells me gossip. Oh and she also birthed me.
k: Kisses from my poodle, especially early in the morning when he's trying to convince me not to get out of bed
l: Lattes.
m: Manfriend. Even more so: having him all to my little self on Thanksgiving. I don't really know what I'd do without him...

New favorite picture. It was totally impromptu. Those are the best.

n: Nugget. duh. She's my favorite sassy little sassquatch.
o: O.P.I. Nail polish brings me more relaxation than is probably healthy
p: Prince. That little pup is my soulmate, BFF and rooomate. I don't know what it would be like without him anymore.
q: Quitting my cola habit. I used to have a diet Coke every afternoon and I'm almost totally off of it now. I feel more hydrated, less wired and generally healthier. Caffeine in the mornings ain't going anywhere anytime soon though.
r: Reading blogs. I love getting lost in my blog friends' goingsons. I wish some of you were in my everyday face-to-face life
s: Sweaters. It's time...finally.

t: Television. Any and all.
u: Uggs. They're not stylish anymore, but there isn't much cozier than my furry Ugg slippers when the Prince scratches to go out in the cool weather.
v: Vacation. I've saved up all my days for the year and am taking a long college-esque Christmas break this year. I can't stinking wait.
w: Wine. Lately i'm into Malbecs, but this is my Super Target go-to:

x: X-mas! It's another Christmas season and I'm thrilled for all the parties and presents in my future! 
y: YOU! If you're reading this I'm so thankful for you for indulging me and reading this little slice of my crazy brain.....I love you.
z: Zzzzzzzs....I think this afternoon there is a nap in my future. I miss naps. I used to be the nap master.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing and joyous Thanksgiving! Again, I'm so thankful to have people out there who give a hoot enough to read this....


  1. Wonderful list of thanks!! Love those impromptu pictures -- you're right -- they're the best!

    I hope you had a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

    Thanks also for linking up. :)



  2. What a cute post! Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. about time wilson makes his Poodleism debut

  4. I love the picture of Austin and Chuy! Aren't your boys presh?


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