Nov 16, 2010

SEATTLE was awesome!

Heyo! I'm finally feeling back in the swing of things this morning. Yesterday was a whirlwind of getting organzied, playing catch up and gneral Monday malaise. Today, I'm feeling great: back in my workout routine, diet is back on track, life looking sunny.

Here's a little photo recap of my trip to Seattle this weekend....

Gasworks Park
This was the first place we went and it was super cool. It's a city park right on the water's edge. It's green, peaceful, beautiful and there's a fabulous view of downtown. My tour guide informed me this is also where they filmed the paintball scene in 10 Things I hate about You. Super piece of trivia. We obviously said a little prayer for the sweet hotness that was Heath Ledger.

Cute little downtowny area. We shopped, ate and enjoyed delicious lattes. My mind was blown by the skeleton skull atop my tasty, warm beverage. This is apparently pretty common. I felt like a bumpkin idiot, but the spooky latte made my afternoon.

There's a place called the FUNHOLE. I got so much pervy delight out of this it sort of got embarrassing. I mean come on, the Funhole?

Pure delight. Need I say more?

Pike Place Market
We ate a grilled cheese, wine and mini cheesecakes. Foodgasm. I also found the most amazing poodle treasures in a cubby hole of an antique shop at the bottom of the market. No photo evidence, but I assure you they're a gemstone like few other's I've ever seen.

They have fish there. They throw them around. I don't know what to make of it. But, I do think I need some of these orange overalls. Mommy wouldn't have muffin tops in those dudes.

Space Needle
Trivia: it only takes 41 seconds to take the elevator to the top. This clearly made my cheese snacks from the market do gymnastics.

We came at the perfect dusk (dare I call it....TWILIGHT) time for photos. It was a perfect combo of visibility but with city lights. I liked it up there alot. The weather was a tad miserable, but I'd say that's to be expected. We also saw weirdly dressed tourists from around the world. I love that.

They serve happy hour up in the needle. Genius. We ordered our 2 obligatory pinot noirs and the bar tender made some remark like "look at you young hot things, I'll pour you extra." While appreciated, filling cups like this makes the treat un-drinkable and un-carryable. Wine slurp = not classy.

Across the board I LOVED Seattle. I may want to live there someday. The weather was crispy (we faced a bizarre lack of rain), the food was tasty, the sights were lovely and the company was fabulous. Complete and total success.

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