Nov 4, 2010

Recipe triumphs of late

Hidey Ho! This week I've tried 2 new recipes that I'm wild about. Just wacky. Totally batty for these eats....I think you get the picture. So As a preface, I'm trying to expand my kitchen mastery from the world of desserts and baked treats. It turns out those make you fat. Nuts. So, here are my first tries. Excuse the crap-tastical photography:

1.  Mustard-Molasses Flank Steak

You kind of can't see the steak. It's under the molasses juice.

Recipe HERE. Now, don't be deterred by "molasses." I had my skepticism too. I knew I wanted a healthy steak thing. Sometimes a girl just needs some red meat - or this one does. I found this little diddy and had to try this "molasses." More than anything, i just like saying mol-ASS-es. mol-AAAAASSSSSS-es. It's really fun and I found a way to incorporate it into every sentence the night I cooked this. So, long story short, you marinate the meat in the mol-ASS-es juices, cook the steak in the broiler, reduce the juices to a sauce and drizzle the mol-ASS-es nectar all over it.  It turned out quite nicely and wasn't too unhealthy.

Sidenote: is the bomb (I feel like I'm cheateing on The site has a whole cookbook of items with 5 ingredients or less.  There are also lots of little how-to articles on how to not be an idiot in the kitchen. The novice chef will thrive, trust me. It's awesome. It's amazing. Go to it.

2.  Chicken Salad with Apples and White Wine Vinaigrette

Recipe HERE. I found this little item via Google machine - VICTORY. There is not a single unhealthy thing about it. Lets start at the beginning of this tale, shall we? I hate mayonnaise. I hate it like I hate Kristen Stewart - total, unbridled rage abound whenever I'm  faced with it. But, oddly, I love Chicken Salad. I can only eat it at fancy brunch places where its very un-mayonnaissey and i don't actually see the sickness going into it. At home, once I lay my eyes on the vat of devil sauce, it's over. So, I needed to find one total sans the awful. I'm in a little diet rut and need to mix up my healthy lunch options, so begins the internet search for the perfect one. And I found it! I made a mega batch of this for manfriend and I to split and we both loved it - and that boy likes fatty things. I highly recommend making this at the beginning of the week and nom on it for a few days! I added almond slices, which was good, but next time I'll put extra veggies and such for added crunch and flavor. Really, this one is good.

I hope I've helped at least one of you find something healthy that doesn't taste like total barf. I hope more to come, I've got a few more endeavors in the bull pen....


  1. Copy and paste into my belly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These look great! I love broiled flank steak, and I think I would like it even more with SAUCE.

  3. I have been dying for a delicious chicken or tuna salad recipe! Healthy, healthy< healthy style! Thanks for sharing!!

    PS- Don't you just love Cooking Light? I get the monthly mag and can't get enough of their amazing recipes!

  4. that tuna salad look sooo good!! Thanks!


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