Nov 9, 2010

New Delhi is over-run with monkeys!

As you may or may not know, the Obamas were in India this week  on a little goodwill mission to discuss jobs and the economy. When the President goes anywhere they have to prepare to protect him from any possible attacker. In New Delhi, India the attackers are MONKEYS!


Tens of Thousands of monkeys have over-taken the city. The refer to them as the "monkey menace." The hotel where the President was staying was apparently very near the forest where these monkeys come into the city from. They even constructed large towers from which to snipe any kind of attacker, a person or a monkey. They also hired extra "monkey catchers" (what the hell?) and are rewarding them with $15 for every catch.

So, They're called bhandar monkeys and they have red butts. They break into homes and buildings looking for food, they steal things and chew through cables and power lines. On some occasions they've killed people. It's apparently a pretty big problem. To make matters worse, they resemble a certain Hindu god and people are reluctant to harm them, so the problem intensifies.

Ok, so does this not seem like a completely freaking ridiculous problem to have in these modern times we live in? I find this story intensely humorous. There are so many questions: why can't people dominate them? Haven't we humans evolved cognitively enough beyond these monkeys to control them? Does anyone remember the 90's movie Monkey Trouble about a lovable, yet mischievous, monkey pet?

In looking through all the news about this, I've also learned that they had a similar problem a couple months ago when the tried to host the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. In that case, they used larger, trained monkeys to protect the city from the wild, crazy monkeys. EXCUSE ME? How can they train the bigger, presumably more vicious, ones, but the little rascal ones are wreaking total havoc? As a side problem, they also had wild snakes taking over the city at the same time. For that, they brought in snake charmers. The kind with flutes. WHAT?!?!?!

I just had to share this story. It blow my mind apart. Rest assured, both the President and Mrs. Obama emerged from New Delhi unharmed.

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