Nov 5, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Friday! It's another cool and sunny day in Texas. I must admit, we're getting spoiled with all the magnificent weather recently. I'm ready for a fresh weekend. And I have some major plans: I'm headed to my happy place, Austin. Then, I'm off to another little slice of Texas heaven called WURST FEST. Yep, sausage festival. Jealous?

1. Feed your baby bacon, the new brain food. The Republic of Bacon has put up some information that bacon contains some choline, which enhances developing neural systems. The research comes out of the University of North Carolina: "Our study in mice indicates that the diet of a pregnant mother, especially choline in that diet, can change the epigenetic switches that control brain development in the fetus." I am suspicious of the authenticity of this little tidbit, but even if it is true, do preggos or babies really need extra bacon? I think not. There must be a supplement that will do the trick. If there isn't, the bacon is all I'm looking forward to about pregnancy.

2. Supposedly Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are dating. They were recently spotted doing lots of flirty things: ice cream dates, apple picking, general canoodling, etc. Sneaky/creepy paparazzi photo:
This relationship hasn't really gotten off the ground yet, and I'm already over it. Like really over it. I love Jake. This we know. In fact, he's in the fantasy boyfriends club. I used to love Taylor Swift, but now I only like her. Am I the only one that's sick of her media hi-jinks? She's like a serial teen heartthrob dater then Tweets all about it. Then she comes out with a hate album about how scorned she is. Now this. This relationship is making its convenient debut just as she's releasing the hate album. Come on. I'm not buying it.

3. San Francisco has banned Happy Meals. They passed an ordinance that meals that come with a toy must meet certain nutritional guidelines. The whole thing is to reduce the amount of fat kids. I get that, but any child young enough to covet a Happy Meal toy (unless we're talking about me and the Barbie toys) must be driven to the restaurant and have the meal purchased for them. Is the parent the enabler, not the toy? This is dumb. And mean.

4. A former Real World-er has been elected to Congress. His name is Sean Duffy.

He has a very strange story: as a Child he participated in log-rolling, holds titles for speed climbing and has participated in many lumberjack competitions. In 1997 he was on the Real World: Boston and has been on a couple of those Battle of the Seasons things. He's also is an occasional ESPN commentator. Then went on to marry another former Real Worlder and have 6 kids with her! He got into politics in 2002 and has worked his way all the way to CONGRESS!!! What the hell? Why in heaven's name doesn't this guy have a reality show of his very own? He's earned it! I'm hoping someone checked out those Real World tapes before he got on the ballot. We all know every single person who has been on that show has drunkenly boned on TV. Maybe that was be fore the advent of night vision cameras on reality TV....I can't wait to see what he does next.

5. Quotes of the Week:
"We're all unique. That's why we all win and we all can exist. People don't want just vanilla. They want 31 flavors. I couldn't do what Rihanna does. I couldn't do what Gaga does. They can't do what I do." Katy Perry
How insightful. With Katy Perry, Rihanna and Gaga int he world, we definitely do all win. Classy comment.
"I was inspired [to write] this book because there are so many fake books out there about my life, and there are so many other people who are writing about my life, and a lot of it is not true." Justin Bieber on why the time is right for him to release an autobiography 
What? Really? Anyone who is able to produce said "fake books" gets a prize. Nobody gives a damn about anything but his baby face and golden mane. Or maybe that's just me.

6. A Parisian miracle baby fell 6 stories and lived! The tot was left by the window unattended. He fell out, bounced off of a cafe awning and then bounced into a stranger's arms! The stranger happened to be a doctor! And declared him completely fine on the scene! Holy Heck! That story is like something ridiculous out of a cartoon. It's the luckiest thing maybe ever!

7. LIL WAYNE IS OUT OF JAIL! This is the first photo I've seen of the newly freed weezy:

Nothing like a little Hennessy, Blunt and Twitter to start anew as a free man. Genius.

I hope everyone has a magical weekend. The kind where tiny sparkly leprechauns kiss your every move with their tidings of luck, fun and parties. 
(not sure where that came from...)


  1. Um, #6, WTH??? Seriously? That's like the scene from a movie or commercial you see and think, 'that would NEVER happen.' Craziness!

  2. Whoa! I didn't realize the Real Worlder man had 6 kiddos with his real world love. Yowza!

  3. Following from Life of Meg :) Can't wait to poke around more

  4. I am follower number 100! I hope that makes you as excited as it made me! :)

    I could not agree more that banning Happy Meals is just mean! And someone needs to get that baby to pick some lotto numbers!

  5. You've reached a hundy followers! Go out and celebrate, lady! Leprechaun style - haha! ;)

  6. Congratulations on 100 followers!! You are so talented and hilarious!

  7. I'm over Jake and Taylor too!! I love 'em both, but not together!! And I love that the Real Worlder got elected!!! He was a good seed

  8. I can't believe that baby.. how lucky was that?
    Am I the only one who thinks Taylor Swift is a bit overrated? Not hating against her I just don't see what fuss is about.


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